Over the past period, the fashion world has taken a course towards femininity, there has been a fit in the style of clothing, heels, mini skirts, and more feminine shoes, but still, sneakers remain one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes – only trendy models change.

We propose to go through the most relevant models of 2023, which will be especially noticeable and in demand in the spring-summer period.


If you plan to buy sneakers this season, it is better to choose the model and the appropriate size in advance, closer to spring they will be sold out at a breakneck pace.

Also, pay attention to general trends, for example, sneakers with massive soles are still worn, and white sneakers are generally timeless and appropriate. In addition, the public desire for color also influenced the shoes. Over the past period, colored monochrome sneakers and color blocks have become popular.

In addition, every brand of sports shoes has classic and timeless models, they can be on the rise in popularity or remain timeless classics.