It is a sad fact that most marriages end in divorce, and an increasing number of relationships break up over the holidays, each leaving within its trail various adornments; diamond rings and earrings and bracelets made of precious stones and metals and that were supposed to be meant as symbols of love but now sit in a jewellery box as symbols of betrayal and mistrust and various other reasons for breakdown, and the misfortune for the wearer. But there is another solution increasingly finding popularity; turning those artefacts into something positive for the future, and getting back a whole lot more in the process!

The devastation that comes from a break up is something that sadly, we all go through at some point in our lives. The mementoes that remain of the relationship like fragments of the wreckage that the relationship turned into. It is therefore important to get rid of everything that reminds of what was and could have been within those relationships. Whatever holds a painful memory should be let go in order to be free to carry new and more promising memories, and new hope for the future. It seems that items such as jewellery hold the most significant bonds, as when these items are given there is often a strong emotional presence in the giving of jewellery.  Engagements, weddings or even as symbols that the relationship is getting more serious; with each gift comes the deeper entwinement of two people and the best way to untangle yourself is to get rid of what binds you to your past.Breakup

And this is a good thing. Letting go releases you to enjoy the future, to find another more deserving of you. Here is a list of the good things that relinquishing those painful items can give to you:

  1. A cathartic experience. Getting rid of all those old items with significant memories of your past relationship can be a psychologically positive experience, and rids you of the opportunity to reflect back on those memories for good.
  2. Some cash to put your life in order, or treat yourself! Break ups can often lead to unpaid bills or mortgage payments and sold items can help with the cost, or can even pay for holidays with friends to get over those bad times and into some good times! Maybe you just want to get a new piece of jewellery to signify not what has been, but what you have overcome to become a stronger person.
  3. Eco- friendly. We live in an age of carbon footprints being trod all over the planet, and recycling your old jewellery or household mementoes is one way to stay green, as well as cleansing the soul, helping the planet stay a little cleaner too!
  4. Letting go of the past means a positive step in moving forward.Getting rid of the items allows you to make positive memories for the future. To not let go of the past makes it hard to grab a hold of the future.
  5. Making something good for others out of the experience.You might want to donate the money to a good cause, and turn the bad memory into a positive experience whilst helping others.
  6. Peace of mind that your jewellery might have a happier future on the arms, ears or fingers of another couple.What better way to get over a bad break up than to see that the jewellery may help form the romantic bonds between other couples? More karma points for when you do find that special someone!

Although getting rid of the external artefacts of the past may provide some relief it is vital to also consider what can be done from within yourself; the way we think of the past has its own way of creating emotional artefacts that can be painful to hold onto but hard to let go. A thorough understanding of how to get over a painful time can be found at

Of course with the birth of the internet come also advantages in ways in which to get rid of the external artefacts of a bad relationship, although the easiest to sell, pieces of jewellery are not the only items that can hold residual memories we would sooner get rid of; household items such as furniture can also have buried within its crevices memories of the past, and the sooner you unburden yourself, the sooner you will feel better for it! Sites such as allow its global community to give and receive free items that they no longer have any use for; there is much variety to be had from the outrageously absurd to that thing you have been looking for… Not only can you get rid of the bad, but have a look around for any items that might look good in your future! Furniture can often be infuriating to resell as the cost of delivery can often outweigh the cost of the items. It has become common to simply donate or give away or sell locally. As a rule of thumb if the size and weight of the item outweighs the  effort and costs involved in selling the item, then of course you should just get rid of it in whichever way is easiest, and take a little satisfaction in knowing that the item will be going somewhere it will create new, hopefully positive memories.

Items such as jewellery however have never been easier to sell with sites such as only happy to reward you for moving on with your life. The site offers clear guidelines on what you can be expecting to get for your jewellery and makes the whole transaction incredibly easy and pain free, letting go of the past has never been so easy or fruitful with the era of the internet, and so it is important to make the best use of it and make the most out of a bad situation. As Jean Paul Sartre once said,

 “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”

So make the best of the worst that has been done to you, and you will make the best of whatever is to come in the future!