Regardless of what you want to get out of your workout – more muscles, faster runs or a stronger back – there are a bunch of smart tips that will give you an extra boost on the way:

1. Motivation is a fresh commodity

Your motivation determines how powerful and intense you are when it comes to reaching your goals. It can vary daily, and it can help keep you focused on the task at hand. To maintain a steady level of motivation, it’s important that you consider the various situations in which you can lose it.

To keep yourself motivated, create a list of all the sources of inspiration that you can find in your life. This will help you make conscious decisions and keep you on track.

2. Focus to be able to activate

You need to focus in the same manner that you would during a crucial work meeting. While you’re training, you should refrain from reading or sending text messages. You should also vary the setup and challenge the body to improve its performance.

For instance, while doing a leg curl, engage the glutes, thighs, and trunk muscles. Lift a light stick and think about how much it weighs. Doing this will activate the muscles in your body.


3. The important mobility!

Being mobile has many benefits. It allows you to maintain a more balanced and energetic body, avoid injuries, and use the full capacity of your body. It also helps you keep fit and strong.

If you’re mobile enough to bend your butt with your butt directly behind the ground, you have more muscle mass than someone who hunches in their back or turns up when their knees are 90 degrees away from the floor. Running also helps you use the power of the stride more efficiently because you don’t have to deal with stiff joints and muscles. For more effective mobility training, try performing simple mobility sequences in the living room or yoga.

4. Don’t hold your breath!

You should breathe with a controlled rhythm and keep in mind to increase the oxygenation of your muscles during exercise. This is because it helps improve the efficiency of your training. The basic idea is to inhale while the weight is reduced, and exhale while the muscles contract.

This exercise involves inhaling and exhaling while pushing yourself back up to a straight position. A leg curl is similar to this but involves bending your legs and inhaling as you push your body up to a set of straight legs.

5. Recovery

Getting the proper recovery time is very important, as it allows your body to build itself back up after a hard training session. Having a flexible schedule is also important to ensure that you get the necessary rest and sleep. One of the most common reasons why people tend to get depressed is due to a constant increase in cortisol levels.

If you’re in a stressful situation at work, it’s important to consider taking a break from the high-intensity training to focus on a calmer form of exercise. Also, end each session with a couple of minutes of relaxation to help the body recover faster.