Ever since the emergence of YouTube and all of its DIY videos, homeowners think that they can take on any home renovation project they want, with little regard to their own level of expertise or experience.

True enough, there are indeed certain home renovation projects that are fairly easy for even the most novice of homeowners, but one project that requires the skills of a professional is epoxy flooring. And even in hiring an epoxy contractor to do the project for you, you still have to make sure you’re hiring the right one.

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Choosing the right contractor to hire for your epoxy flooring needs is a very important investment. This isn’t like picking out a rug to put on your floor… this is a major renovation you’re entrusting someone to do. So, naturally, you’re going to have questions and concerns about the services you’re going to be receiving.

Fortunately, we live in a day and age of technology where you have access to loads of information, including reviews on epoxy flooring companies. Whether you have a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, choosing the right company won’t be too hard to do. You just have to research and ask questions.

Just make sure that when you’re doing your research, you’re researching epoxy flooring companies in your local area. A lot of times, people will conduct searches without any regard for their geographical location. If you live in Kansas City, your Google search should say something along the lines of  “epoxy flooring Kansas City,” that way you’ll have a list of the best epoxy flooring companies in that area.

Depending on what you find while researching, and how those companies answer your questions, that will determine whether or not they will be the company to go with. Take a look at the top questions to ask when considering hiring an epoxy flooring contractor.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Epoxy Flooring Contractor

How much experience do you have with epoxy flooring?

Installing epoxy flooring is a very difficult and complex process involving mixing a combination of chemicals, along with various environmental factors as well. Not mixing epoxy properly is actually one of the biggest and most common mistakes that are made with this particular resin and you need to make sure that you hire a contractor that knows what they’re doing.

Are you insured?

Asking a company if they’re insured might seem like a silly question, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses are fully operating with no business insurance policy in place. These contractors will get insurance to meet the requirements to get started, but a little while into the business, some contractors will just let their policies lapse. It’s unfortunate, but that’s why it’s so important to ask for proof of insurance.

Even if they show you their insurance policy, take note of the insurance company they’re with and solicit information from the insurance company on when the policy expires, and especially on what’s covered under the policy. Also, check to see if there are any recent claims.

How do you prep your floors?

There should always be a prepping process before any flooring project, but there especially should be one for an epoxy flooring project. Everything from grinding to cleaning the surface, this is a very crucial part of the flooring process. Leaving it out will leave undesirable results like a floor that breaks. Ask the contractor if they could provide you with before and after pictures of various projects they’ve done.

Do you offer any warranties?

Good contractors always offer warranties to guarantee their work. This is an assurance to let you know that if you have any issues with their work, they will come back and fix it for you. According to consumerreprts.org, you have the right to see the warranty before buying or signing anything. And with epoxy flooring being such a major renovation, you’ll definitely want to go with a company that offers a warranty. If you run into a company that doesn’t offer one, you need to move on to another contractor.

Additional Tips

In addition to asking those questions, you’ll also want to check the company’s reviews online, ask the contractors if they can provide you with a list of references that can vouch for their work, and check out the company’s websites.

This might seem like a bit of a process to undergo, and it indeed is, but it’s well worth it. Flooring projects aren’t cheap… they’re investments in your home. So, whether you’re wanting to add sophistication to your home or you’re getting it done to sell your home, making sure you hire the right epoxy flooring contractor is going to play a crucial role in the overall aesthetics and functionality of your home.