Shaping your physique is every guy and girl’s dream. When you look good, you feel good. It can take weeks to months to get there or longer because it takes time to build muscle.

It can be frustrating spending hours working out and not seeing any results. There may be a reason you aren’t seeing progress.

Take a look at these tips to gain muscle and get the body you want.

Top 10 Tips to Gain Muscle Quickly and Effectively - protein, muscle, fitnes

1.You Should Be Eating More

Losing and gaining weight is, for the most part, science and math. When you want to lose weight, you need to burn about 3,500 calories. When you want to build muscle, you will need to eat about 2,800 calories.

Unlike dieting periods where you can calculate the calories you burn with your basal metabolic rate (BMR), you should not be doing it when you want to gain muscle.

Women are more likely to be afraid to eat when they want to build muscle. Undereating may be the main reason you are not seeing results.

If you want to know how to put on mass, you need to eat. Although you will gain some fat with muscle gain (it comes with the territory), you will gain more lean muscle so long workout.

2.Lift Heavy

Muscles grow best when you put them under stress. When you are strength training, you can get the most out of your routine by lifting heavy and its best to wear strong weighted vests. This challenges your muscles the most. Pullups, deadlifts, weighted squats, and bench presses are best at stimulating multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

3.Increase Your Reps or Sets

You can still gain muscle without heavy lifting by putting your body in more stress using a different method. When you increase the frequency of your reps, you help tire the muscles.

Increasing reps as you progress will prevent your body from getting used to a weight where it no longer feels it has to grow. If you do 3 sets of 10 reps one week, do 3 sets of 12 the following week and so or increase the number of reps. Another option is to decrease the amount of rest between sets or reps.

4.Eat Protein at Every Meal

You can’t build muscle without protein. You need it to build muscle and maintain it. Your body works around the clock. When you eat, it uses the carbs, fat, and protein you consume to regulate body processes.

When you eat protein at each meal, you can help the body maintain and build muscle. As a bonus, protein also helps keep you full. Aim to eat about 20g of protein at every meal.

5.Get Your Daily Protein

The average person should aim to get at least 0.8-1g of protein per kilogram you weigh. So long as you hit this minimum, you should be able to build muscle mass without a problem. Get your protein from eggs, dairy, meat, nuts, and lentils.

Although you can eat more protein per kilogram, there is no definite evidence it helps you build muscle faster. At the end of the day, the body will turn excess muscle into fat if you overeat or if energy demands it.

There are online calculators you can use to find out how many calories and protein you should be consuming in a day. This leaves no question marks and guesses when you want an accurate number.

6.Consume Protein Powder or Take Amino Acid Supplements

If you find it difficult to get all the protein you need in a day through your diet, you can opt for protein powder. Whey protein provides a complete source of protein and works as a wonderful meal replacement.

You can help speed up the muscle-building process by taking amino acids too. You will discover they can enhance your results.

7.Drink Enough Water

When you are working out, you want to make sure you are not skimping out on the water. You need it to help prevent getting dehydrated which can impair muscle recovery.

8.Eat Carbs Post-Workout

You can still eat carbs when you are building muscle. If you want to make gaining muscle easier, you can plan the times you eat carbs strategically.

When you want to eat carbs, the best time to have it is after your workout. Your body will burn up the carbs you eat after a workout in a more efficient way which helps prevent you from gaining fat rather than the muscle you want.

9.Eat Frequently

Always remember you want to do everything the opposite of dieting when you want to gain muscle. Rather than reducing your calories and eating less often, you want to eat more calories and eat more often. When you do this, you are telling your body it has a constant supply of energy it needs to muscle.

This way, your body does not have to go under stress deciding what to do with calories and what to turn it into (fat or muscle) as it does when you undereat. Aim to eat every 3 hours and have your complete 3 meals a day. Snacking is also great.

When you want to gain muscle, you will get better results doing a complete bulking period and follow up with a cut afterward. Contrary to common belief you cannot burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

This is because you are either undereating or overeating. You cannot do both.

10.Get Plenty of Rest

Muscle growth requires recovery too. Be sure to get plenty of rest to allow your body to create new muscles. When you sleep, the body releases human growth hormone, which also aids in muscle growth.

Using These Tips to Gain Muscle at Home or in the Gym

There is a strategy when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. When you understand the tactics, you will see results. You might be doing something wrong and you don’t know it. By following these tips to gain muscle, you can finally get off the muscle-building plateau.

Work smarter, not harder when it comes to getting a good workout session in the gym. Eat a little something you want to treat yourself too along the way. As long as you don’t go crazy, you can eat cheat meals and still succeed in gaining muscle.

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