These days, we’re always on Snapchat, Instagram and every other form of social media as a way of documenting our travels, so we’re always on the lookout for the best photo opportunities. If you’re heading to Vienna this summer and need a few ideas on locations, check out our top picks…

The Imperial Treasury

If you enjoy taking pictures that ooze luxury and decadence, then you’ll have to make time to visit the Imperial Treasury. Based at Hofburg Palace, some of Europe’s greatest treasures are contained within these walls, with the Imperial Crown, Orb and Sceptre of Austria being the main attraction.

Top Photography Spots In Vienna -

The Donauturm

Also known as the Danube Tower, this is the tallest structure in Austria, reaching heights of 252m. This is the ideal place to get a classic cityscape photograph, or snap a stunning night time landscape, with you able to see everything from St Stephen’s Cathedral right back into the hills.

Top Photography Spots In Vienna -

Schönbrunn Palace

Formerly the summer residence of the Imperial royal family, the magnificent Schönbrunn building housing 1,441 rooms has been maintained throughout the generations to function as a museum. If you want a snapshot into the lives of Imperial Austrian elites, you’ll find it here.

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On top of Wiener Riesenrad

If it’s stunning sunsets and post-card views you’re looking for, why not head down to Prater amusement park and ride this iconic Ferris wheel all the way to the top? Not only will you get panoramic views of the city, but you’ll get to experience one of Vienna’s top attractions.

Top Photography Spots In Vienna -

The Vienna State Opera

Opera is one legacy that Vienna is most known for, so it would be wrong to try and capture a visual representation of the city without taking a few pictures of the Vienna State Opera – from the inside of course! Catch a traditional showing of world-class Vienna opera, and make sure you take a few snaps while you’re in there.

Top Photography Spots In Vienna -


For any green-fingered photographers, make sure you take in the manicured gardens of this 19th century public park in the heart of the Innerstadt. From the gentle sound of the nearby flowing river to the elaborately designed bridges, it offers a serene escape from hectic city life.

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Even nature-lovers can find something to admire in a diverse city like Vienna. For those who prefer to amble around hillsides taking nature shots, you’ll feel right at home on the hiking trails or biking routes of Donauinsel, and it’s only a short boat ride away.

In and around the Museumsquartier

This area of Vienna’s 7th district is where old and new blend together in perfect harmony, so there are tonnes of contrast-image opportunities here. It’s home to some of the finest museums and art galleries in the whole of Austria, but the architecture, ranging from quirky and contemporary to distinguished Baroque is something to behold.

Top Photography Spots In Vienna -

Do you know of any more top photo spots in Vienna? Let us know by leaving a comment…