Top 10 DIY Desk Ideas On Reddit

It’s surprising how costly it can be to purchase a standing desk. However, you can skip the overpriced desks and go for a DIY desk which is so budget friendly. Besides that, they can absolutely give your home or work office a more personal feeling. With DIY desk, you can make it the way you like from designing and so forth. It also gives you freedom of choice as you can buy a desk frame, and source your desired top. In this post, l would like to share with you the best DIY desk ideas that are found on Reddit.

A DIY standing desk from Autonomous

Studies have shown how much is pivotal to use a standing desk. They reduce back pain and lower blood sugar levels. However, with so many different types of standing desks available, people are now confused about which one to choose. Therefore we took our time to review the best standing desk that can benefit anyone. A DIY standing desk from Autonomous stands out from the crowd. Most people seem to love it the most especially from Reddit where people love to share ideas. Despite its affordability, it is solid and made of high-quality materials. It allows you to adjust it to your desired size. Actually, all parts fit properly when installing it. You can’t go wrong with this product.

Top 10 DIY Desk Ideas On Reddit

DIY desk that has shelves underneath

By building this type of desk, you will be having an all in one desk. You won’t get worried anymore about where to put your books and other stationery staff. This type of desk is ideal for personal and business use. It is also a time consumer because you won’t be moving around in search of your books. Furthermore, the shelves can make the desk to be sturdy, and not producing any disturbing movements while you are busy with your work.

L shaped DIY desk

Someone has shared a beautiful L shaped DIY desk on Reddit. This type of desk looks more beautiful when installed at the corner. It gives plenty of space. If you have multiple screens and other supplies, this type of desk is the best. Plentiness of surface space can be used for different activities such as writing, office workstation and handcraft. L shaped desk can also make your workplace to become more stylish.

Top 10 DIY Desk Ideas On Reddit

A wooden pallet DIY desk

Making your own desk gives you a choice of making the exact size, shape and your own design. Wooden pallets can make a nice desk for your office. I’ve seen other talented DIYer on Reddit made a nice computer desk out of pallet wood. In your design, you can include a storage space such as shelves. To make it looks nicer than ever, you can also put a glass top that will make it a clear design. In addition, you can also build your desk with used pallets.

Top 10 DIY Desk Ideas On Reddit

Double side DIY desk

The double-sided desk is ideal for teamwork. It makes every worker concentrate as it gives privacy in a way that you won’t be disturbed. I laughed when I’ve read someone’s post on another forum discussion where he was sharing his DIY double desk saying that he is working with her wife. I assumed that his wife is too talkative in such that they work less the whole day. So, double-sided desk can provide a gap.

On that dividing portion, you can insert shelves for your books and magazines. Furthermore, if you want to make business this type of desk is the best. Or else you can make many double desks and rent them out in your office.

DIY wall mounted desk

If you have little space in your office, a mounted desk is a solution. It can be used to put the family computer or at your workplace. All you need to make a wall mounted desk is to use quality materials from the hardware. You can also search for some materials for DIY project at Autonomous. When cutting the wooden pieces for mounting a desk, always remember to make the right measurements so that the desk will be sturdy.

Top 10 DIY Desk Ideas On Reddit

Farmhouse X office DIY desk

When making this type of desk, always make sure that the legs are sturdy. I like the design of the farmhouse x desk because it looks natural. Actually, it can give your office a natural and comfortable feeling. Most Redditors also loves this type of desk because of its simplicity.

DIY Murphy desk

This is one of the best ways of managing space in your home or work office. It can be mounted on the wall and make it fit your height. You can also use it as a multi-purpose desk for studying, computing and home office. It is also good for children and adults.

Aluminum DIY desk

As compared to other materials such as steel, aluminum is less flexible.and its weight is less light. The aluminum desk is sturdy and easy to assemble. If you are living in areas where there is moisture, making your own aluminum desk is ideal because it can resist corrosion.

DIY corner desk

If you have a small space in your office, this type of desk is ideal for you. It creates a functional and beautiful workplace. It is also easy to build it and you won’t even take a lot of time building it. The other interesting part of the corner desk is that you can customize it in your desired way and come up with your unique style. What you need to do is to buy the best materials from furniture shops like Autonomous where they have a variety of quality office materials.

Top 10 DIY Desk Ideas On Reddit

How the beneficiary standing desk is:

  • They are so easy to build anywhere in your house.
  • They can be installed, or mounted in the wall.
  • You can make it fit your sitting height
  • DIY desks are very much affordable
  • You can customize in your desired way and put some shelves
  • They can be used even in a small space
  • Health benefits in a standing desk
  • Design choices
  • You can make it match your chairs

After discovering these best DIY desk ideas collected from Reddit, you will be able to choose the one that you have liked the most. Only vital thing is to buy high-quality accessories for building your own sturdy desk. You can also go for a DIY standing desk from Autonomous. It has many benefits especially on health issues as you know that nowadays people spend a lot of time in front of the desk, which may cause some disorders in the body. In conclusion, always remember to clean and maintain your desk to increase its lifespan.

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