Millions of people travel from one country to another or from state to state, and many of them prefer to travel by train. They prefer this because a leisurely train ride offers the best views. You can see everything from the mountains to countryside to the stunning vegetation. The following tips will ensure that you get the best train travel experience.

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Make a Pre-Departure Checklist

One of the most challenging aspects of traveling is getting ready for the trip. There are a few things worth organizing while still at home to ensure you have a pleasant train journey. Make sure your passport is up-to-date. Inquire if you need a Visa to travel to your chosen destination. Then put all your travel documents such as ID, passport, eTicket, or printed paper ticket in one place for easy access. Another necessity that you need to arrange before leaving is travel insurance. This will protect you and your family against unforeseen travel misfortunes.

Book a Direct Train

It would be wise to choose a direct train to your destination, especially if you are traveling with kids. This prevents you from changing trains, which can be cumbersome and difficult. It also prevents delays, missed trains, and lost luggage.

Whether you need to book trains from eastern Europe to Central Europe or are taking a vacation in the Mediterranean, book in advance no matter where you go. Tickets are always in short supply, and demand is ever soaring high, especially during holiday seasons.

Choose the Right Seat

If you want to explore the scenery, grab a window seat to enjoy the ever-changing landscapes and views. Discuss with travel agents or friends while booking to secure the most comfortable position. Also, opt for modern trains. They have more spacious cabins with reclining seats that can stretch out to a horizontal position.

Pack some snacks

Most trains provide on board meals and refreshments, although they charge a much higher price than you would pay at an average shop. Plus, the food choices onboard are limited. Bringing your own snacks and beverages when you are traveling by train means you pay a better price and get something that you know you will enjoy. Do not take foods or drinks from strangers. If the train has a no-alcohol policy, please adhere to it. You should also carry medicines for colds and stomach upset just as a precaution.

Bring Some Entertainment

If you and your family are going to a destination that will have you riding the train for more than six hours, it’s always good to pack up some entertainment gadgets like:

  • iPod
  • Tablet
  • Mp3 player
  • Audio Books
  • Magazines
  • Board games, crossword puzzles, or a deck of cards
  • Coloring books for children

All of these are good choices to pass the time. It is ideal to get a sleeper train so you and your children can take a nap. Though sleeper trains are more costly, the comfort they provide your family is well worth every dollar.

Carry Other Essentials

Extended train trips can exhaust even the most seasoned travelers to get more comfortable and relaxed, bring some essential items like pillows, blankets, eye masks, noise-canceling headphones, and slippers for those midnight bathroom trips. It is advisable to carry sanitizers, antimicrobial wipes, travel size tissues, and toilet paper on your train journey, as they will be very handy and useful. Pack a small first aid kit, just in case, to help with cuts, abrasions, mild sunburn and stings

Now more than ever, train travel is becoming a viable alternative way to travel. And with the above tips, you can make your train travel hassle-free and exciting.