Traveling by private jet is quite different from commercial airline travel. Amongst other things, there is a major contrast in luggage capacity and carriage rules between the two travel options. Packing for a private aircraft demands that you follow a slightly different approach.

If you’re in a habit of overloading and over-packing for the trip, you’ll need some help getting out of it. Usually, it just needs one trip with carefully (and consciously) packed baggage to break this habit.

We have some simple tips that can help you feel prepared for your upcoming private flight. Yes, you can do it with fewer items and a lighter bag if you have the will.

But before we get to the tips, let’s cover some broad factors affecting your luggage choice and packing decisions.

Tips To Consider When Packing For Your Next Private Charter Flight - travel, luggage, flight

Cabin space

It’s true that you get the luxury of personal cabin space on private jet flights. But that just means that the space for cabin luggage is quite limited. You’ll not have an overhead designated space for your cabin bags. Instead they’ll be kept at the rear.

Aircraft capacity

Private flight aircrafts are of course smaller than commercial aircrafts. You’ll find a range of sizes from light jets to executive airliners. The size of the aircraft will determine its luggage capacity. If you’re only a few passengers on a larger private jet, you’ll easily be allowed more weight on the flight. It’s advisable to discuss the luggage allowance at time of booking the flight.

Packing Tips

1.Pack according to the destination

You need to plan your packing list to suit your destination. Check the weather and general conditions for the city you’re headed to. Also consider the cultural and fashion aspects when packing your clothing.

2.Pack according to your purpose

Unless you have a leisure and business trip clubbed together, you’ll probably need to focus your packing to suit the specific purpose of your travel.

3.Pack light

This is the number one advice for efficient travel, no matter what your travel purpose or mode is. Don’t pack any unnecessary items, and keep the number of bags limited for a hassle-free experience. Private flights do have luggage capacity constraints, and it’s best to stick to the rule of one bag per person.

In order to shrink your luggage bulk, you can try some of these useful tips too:

  • Make a list of items and clothing you plan to carry. Run through it a couple of times and strike off anything that seems surplus.
  • Keep neutral shades of trousers. This way you can manage with just two or three trousers paired with a different blouse.
  • Bring along travel-size packages of toiletries and personal hygiene products.
  • Limit to only one or two foot-wears for the trip.
  • Adopt a minimalist’s attitude while packing.

4.On-board items you can avoid

If you’ve always travelled by commercial aircrafts, you might want to carry all things to make yourself comfortable on the journey, just out of habit. But rest assured you don’t need to lug your travel pillows, blankets and snack bars on the private flight.

Your comfort will be well taken care of by the in-flight attendants. This will allow you to keep a light bag with you for cabin luggage.

5.Compact luggage

Make sure you don’t bring unreasonable large suitcases along with you for the private flight. You should carry flexible and compact suitcases that can be conveniently arranged in the small storage areas of private flights.

6.Light carry-on baggage

You’ll need a carry-on bag to keep your essentials like your work related stuff, medicines, reading glasses etc. As we mentioned before, you’ll not be getting any overhead luggage space. If you keep a small size bag with you in the cabin, you’ll be able to keep your essentials within arm’s reach during the flight.