The warm summer months in Israel are appealing to tourists. Summer in Israel features endless energy and events, markets, festivals, and summer nights. The unique experiences contribute to the over 4 million tourists visiting the country annually. Summer is a fantastic time to be in Israel as there are many things to do for everyone. Destinations like Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and the Valley of Springs will allow you to make the most of the charming Israel summer experience.

Three Best Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Israel - vacantion, travel, summer, israel

1. A Tour in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has some of the best hotels in Israel, meaning you will enjoy your stay here right from the accommodation. During summer, you will have a good share of various fresh fruits, juices, and vegetables. Many tourists would not miss the breathtaking views of the Jerusalem hills, a great escape from the summer heat. Apart from the incredible natural sights and cool breezes, you will also come across numerous natural springs with refreshing cold water. Walking and bike tours are common in Jerusalem, allowing you to interact with the city and enjoy natural views as you wind through the city. Depending on the type of tour, you can also find yourself in the middle of adventures and activities like cooking workshops.

2. Exploring the Dead Sea Region

Your Israel tour is incomplete if you have not visited the Dead Sea region. Apart from floating in the Dead Sea’s salty water, there are a plethora of activities you can indulge in around the area. Visit the Qumran Caves, the source of one of the world’s significant archeological discoveries. You will have a unique experience crawling through ancient aqueducts and sightseeing. The Nahal David Stream is an ideal place to visit for a memorable experience. Something unique about the destination is that you will find waterfalls and pools right in the middle of the desert. A Nahal David Stream hill will give you views of the plentiful wildlife and scenery in the Dead Sea region. For an off-the-track experience, consider stargazing in the sky-filled sky near the Dead Sea springs for a fantastic evening out.

3. A Trip to The Valley of Springs

A trip to the Valley of Springs will give you the ultimate Israel experience. The best part is the spot is close to the Israel center, allowing you the flexibility of returning to your hotel later in the day. As a tourist, you can enjoy slow tourism as you hike on the trails, interact with the natural springs in the region, enjoy local cuisine, and interact with the locals for an authentic experience. In addition to the over 40 natural springs, the area boasts unique bird-watching spots, breathtaking flora and fauna, beautiful bridges, and historical sites. Many local tour guides and volunteers are willing to guide you to make the most of the Valley of Springs experience.

There is no greater season in Israel for tourists than summer. There are numerous natural springs, scenery, and wildlife to enjoy. There is something for everyone; whether you love nature, food, the beach, beer and cocktail, and outdoor activities, Israel has a lot to offer.