Great wildlife sightings don’t happen every day and the exact timing of great annual events, like the wildebeest migration in Tanzania and Kenya for example, are ultimately down to the animals themselves. Not much can come close to that feeling of observing an animal in the wild, especially when you’re not expecting it: awe-inspiring, breathtaking, wonderful – and a moment you will never forget. It takes a trip deep into the rain forest, desert outback or alpine wilderness to remind us that we are not alone on this planet. Yet an adventure trip to see wildlife in its natural habitat isn’t like a trip to zoo.

Gray Whale in Mexico

Bengal Tiger in India

Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda

Leopard in Sri Lanka

White Lion in South Africa

Galápagos Giant Tortoise in Ecuador

Atlantic Puffin in Maine- United States

Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

African Lion in Tanzania

Black Rhino in South Africa

Cheetah in South Africa

Polar Bear in Manitoba- Canada

African Bush Elephant in South Africa

Hippos in Tanzania