Health fanatics are on a constant search for the next edge in accomplishing their goals. At some point, the discovery is made that no shortcut replaces hard work and dedication. Saying that, we can venture into some proven aids that will ensure your hard work is not in vain.

This is the Best Time To Drink Your Protein Shake - whey protein, shake, results, protein, powder

Determine your goals

Pretty much all factors will hang on an individual’s intent. Using a protein concentrate or whey isolate protein powder is just one example. The isolate can have a higher protein concentration, yet the leaner product also sacrifices calories. A protein concentrate will be higher in amino acids while maintaining a low carb and fat count. Someone questing for weight loss would benefit more with a protein isolate.

Recovery is important for muscle gain. That is why a bodybuilder could benefit more from a protein concentrate, since it will contain more macronutrients for this cause. Basically, a whey isolate protein powder can exceed the 80 percent protein limit found in protein concentrates. It is shown that isolates can reach 90 percent protein concentration, making it ideal for cutting or weight loss in general.

Protein has benefits for bodybuilding and weight loss. For instance, bodybuilders will undergo the anabolism process when they sleep. This process makes use of protein to rebuild muscle. For weight losers, protein heightens a person’s metabolism. For those with intentions of shedding a few pounds, starting the day with a shake and including strategic supplements through the day, will help them prevail.

When is the best time to drink a protein shake?

As we’ve seen, a proper protein supplement will assist in weight loss and muscle gain. Although, the timing may be a factor in the outcome. First off, we can look at how a bodybuilder’s workout differs from weight loss. Their goal is adding mass. To accomplish this, a bodybuilder has an intense workout that damages muscle tissue. A recovery time has to occur before that muscle group can be worked again. This recovery period allows for the actual muscle growth, and injury often occurs due to lack of recovery time. What we look for is the window of time that our body will most benefit from the shake. For bodybuilders, this window occurs soon after the workout, when muscle tissue is being rebuilt.

In weight loss, timing is also a factor. One aspect of protein is that it reduces appetite. The result occurs based on meal-to-meal and is sustainable through time. For a weight loser, fewer calories are desired. Another aspect in favor of weight loss is burning more calories. An increased metabolism results from the thermic effect of consuming higher amounts of protein. The effect lasts around the clock, even transpiring through sleep. Studies vary showing that the thermic effect could be as high as 30 percent with protein calories. It means that 100 calories are consumed with only 70 that are used. With that information, protein shakes are best used prior to meals for weight loss.

Whey protein isolate

According to Legion Athletics, “Whey+ is 100% whey protein isolate, which is over 90% protein by weight.” Each serving contains 22 grams of protein with no more than four grams of carbohydrates. The higher quality addresses many issues found in low quality protein powders. These low quality mixes cause the bloating and other stomach problems many experience. Since Whey+ is lactose free, the associated issues such as indigestion, stomach pains, and swelling are not included.

High-quality protein shakes can be most beneficial when consumed at the right time.