Nothing signals ageing for men as alarmingly as hair loss. It is one of the most common and apparent signs of ageing that a lot of men show, and sometimes may even happen at a young age.

Some degree of hair loss is natural (a normal individual loses about 50 – 100 hair per day), therefore the first step you should take if you suspect it is to check for symptoms and only then look towards taking the steps to resolve it.

The Most Common Hair Loss Symptoms - symptoms, loss, Hair, androgenic, alopecia

There are several causes of hair loss, however the most common one is androgenetic alopecia, which is another term for male pattern baldness. Trauma, such as emotional or physical, can also trigger temporary hair loss. You can check this article out for more hair loss information such as more causes, stages, and treatments.

We’ll now look at a few common symptoms that hair loss presents with.

1. Patchy / Circular Bald Spots

For some people, hair loss may result in distinguishable areas of balding such as in circles or patches. A person might feel pain or itchiness before or during the hairfall in that region. It just isn’t limited to the head, and may also involve eyebrows and beard as well.

The Most Common Hair Loss Symptoms - symptoms, loss, Hair, androgenic, alopecia

2. Hair Thinning

One sign that can be a very clear sign of hair loss is thinning. It can happen throughout the head, or in a typical “male pattern baldness” type manner. This pattern usually involves the temple and crown of head, and hair often starts thinning from there first. Thinning may also be the first step, followed soon by hair loss in the area.

If you spot this thing happening repeatedly, then there is a high chance you are suffering from hair loss.

One action you can take in order to resolve hair loss can be to use a product such as myhair which is a complete kit consisting of a supplement kit, shampoo, and Minoxidil. The first two are for taking care of your hair whereas the last one is an important drug to prevent hair loss.

The Most Common Hair Loss Symptoms - symptoms, loss, Hair, androgenic, alopecia

3. Loosening of Hair

While a small amount of hair loss happens naturally, if you see a lot more hair around you than normal then you might be having hair loss. You might notice this while combing, washing, or just running your hand through your hair. This might be a temporary or permanent symptom depending on the type of hair loss and if you start any treatment.

4. Symptoms of androgenic alopecia

The most common cause of androgenic alopecia, which usually has a genetic component often does not present with the above mentioned symptoms.

You might notice hair that breaks when you comb, or overall thin. Since the hairline recedes very gradually, there is a chance you might not notice it till the damage is far spread. Therefore it is important to start taking action as soon as you suspect hair loss might be present.

These were some of the common hair loss symptoms, along with what you can do in order to mitigate hair loss.