French gastronomy is one of the most famous, as is its pastry. Discover the 6 best locations in the capital.

Paris-Brest, nun, lemon tart, chocolate cake, macaroon … The French are crazy about pastries. It must be said that France is full of renowned pastry chefs. It is therefore in any case that the best are in Paris, under the eyes full of appetites of the French and tourists.

What are the 11 best pastries in Paris?

If we say, French pastry chef, you are probably thinking Cyril Lignac or Pierre Hermé. But they are not the only ones to reign over the world of French pastry. A voted best pastry chef in the world in 2018 and popular thanks to his trompe-l’oeil creationsCédric Grolet ignites Instagram and makes the taste buds of Parisian’s waggle. A true master in the art of texture and 100% natural taste, Yann Couvreur will be your best choice for a sensational Yule log. He was many times the official pastry chef of Fashion Week for Chanel, Christian Dior, or Kenzo, Sadaharu Aokiseduces its customers with its perfect use of matcha. 11 taste specialists for a multitude of exceptional pastries.

1. Yann Couvreur
A true master in the art of texture, Yann Couvreur puts everything on a 100% natural pastry with supernatural tastes.
2. Cyril Lignac
How to talk about pastry without talking about the favorite pastry chef of the French? A fan of crunchiness and fondant, Cyril Lignac’s pastry is a must.

3. Carl Marletti

Between original and classic creations, the Carl Marletti pastry shop will delight all the palates of the Latin Quarter.


4. Sebastien Gaudard
Between classic pastries and childhood recipes, Sébastien Gaudard’s creations are a must-try.

5. Jacques Genin

Pastry chef and chocolate maker, Jacques Génin welcomes you to his boutique-tea room to taste wonderful pastries accompanied by delicious homemade hot chocolate.
6. Pierre Hermé
A voted best pastry chef in the world in 2016, the macaroon master also runs a pastry shop in Paris and you have to hurry to be able to taste them.