Whether you’re newly engaged and brainstorming all the aspects of your wedding, the mother of the bride or the groom, there are so many decisions to be made. From the date of your wedding, the colors of your bridal party, and the type of catering you’ll use – there are so many decisions to be made. For sure, weddings are a lot different than they used to be. Today’s weddings are over-the-top by standards of decades past, with the average cost of a wedding landing around the twenty thousand dollar mark! With venues alone costing an average of $6000! When making all your decisions, you’ve got more to consider than just the wedding itself, for instance, your bridesmaid’s dresses and the gifts you give them for standing with you on your big day. Don’t let selecting the perfect gift for your bridesmaids be a point of stress for you; keep reading for the best bridesmaid’s gifts, especially if your wedding falls in the spring or summer.

The Best Bridesmaids Gifts For Summer Weddings - weddings, gifts, bridesmaids

Wide Brim Beach Hats

While the gigantic, floppy sun hats were a major trend a few years ago, keeping your face shaded will never go out of style. Especially in the summer, when it’s imperative to protect your delicate facial skin with more than SPF, sun hats are the perfect present. Elevate the gift a step further by having each girl’s name or initials embroidered on the hat’s brim as a unique way to remember your big day. A beach hat is a chic way of saying “thank you” and will come in handy for your bridal party if you’re having a destination wedding or you and the girls will be spending a day poolside during your bachelorette party/getaway.


We all feel strapped for time, whether we have children or are busy climbing the corporate ladder. Still, your bridesmaids cashed in their PTO to spend time with you and support you for one of the most important milestones in your life. Give back some of that time by giving them a subscription that can benefit their life. The name of the game in wedding parties is looking and feeling your best, so opting for a beauty box, wine subscription, or accessory subscription all fit the bill here. Maybe you’re all foodies – who doesn’t feel great indulging in truffles every month? If you want to mix things up, select different subs for the girls in your party based on their hobbies and interests. One thing is for sure, though, everyone appreciates and utilizes a subscription box.

Fine Jewelry

While you are rocking the essential piece of jewelry at the wedding (your engagement and wedding rings), your bridesmaids will absolutely adore the gift of fine jewelry if you go this route. Your options are wide open when it comes to what to get them – petite diamond studs, a simple gold chain, or a charm bracelet. The beautiful thing about fine jewelry as a gift is it will last the recipient a lifetime and also has the potential to become an heirloom as a bonus. A beautiful signet ring with her initials could easily become a daily wear piece. Giving them a luxurious gift like jewelry is a special way of saying thank you.

Creature Comforts

Typically the day before or the morning of your nuptials, you and your bridal party will pamper yourselves with spa treatments. Deck your BFFs out in luxe comfort clothing to enjoy the day in style. Silk robes monogrammed with their initials are a great start. You can go with a classic and cozy slipper or something more elevated like silk slides with a decorative pom pom or bow when it comes to footwear. There will likely be a photographer there or a friend snapping endless candids and selfies; make sure you all are camera-ready in high-end loungewear.

Sharing your wedding week and the big day with family members and friends you’ve chosen to be a part of your bridal party makes for memories that will last a lifetime. The memories won’t be just yours either; your loved ones will remember the times too. They’ll have a memento to treasure and be reminded of forever by gifting them a unique keepsake mentioned above.