The fashion verdict is in: these 6 luxury bags will be the best investments for the coming year.

Already in 2021, bags and watches were considered the best financial investments to make according to experts. If business moguls prefer to speculate on their financial interests in the strict sense, we seasoned fashionistas also like to estimate their trendy, even timeless potential.

Birkin 35 by Hermès, mini tote by Telfar, Multi Pochette by Louis Vuitton, or Jacky by Gucci … Unsurprisingly, here are the six designer models that will make the difference in 2022 and where to get them to make a high fashion investment. flight.

These 6 designer bags are the best investments you could make in 2022

Rarity, quality, originality, trend … The criteria for estimating the value of these highly coveted bags are obvious. If the Hermès Birkin or the Chanel Classic were already part of these objects of desire in which to invest, the mini Kelly, the Jacky by Gucci or the mini Telfar tote have arrived among this list of the prized bags.

And even if the real financiers would tend to keep them preciously in a safe to preserve their value, our fashionista soul can only recommend that you wear it without moderation!

1. Louis Vuitton’s multi-clutch
Nomadic and ultra-modern, this Louis Vuitton shoulder strap model was designed in 1992. Today, it gives a casual touch to our looks and can even be personalized according to our fashion desires.
2. The mini Telfar
The absolute it-bag of the year 2021, this mini tote is the perfect example of the fashion revival. Out of stock at each release every month, fashionistas are snapping up and are therefore increasing their investment side.
3. Hermès mini Birkin
XXS version of the iconic Birkin, this Hermès bag is all the more coveted because it is ultra-rare.
4. The Gucci Jacky
The second example of a successful fashion revival, the Jacky bag from Gucci offered itself a redemption this year and is flourishing in the arms of seasoned fashionistas.
5. The Chanel Classic
Another cult fashion item, the Classique (or “Timeless”) bag from Chanel, is one of its sure values ​​in which it will always be good to invest in 2022.
6. Hermès Birkin 31
A cult bag, the Hermès Birkin 31 continues to be one of the best investments possible.