Fall means scarecrows, and that means a fun fall craft for the kids! Get inspiration for fun, festive or scary scarecrows with the following DIY scarecrow ideas. There’s not a reason why your scarecrow needs to be limited to standing stiffly in your garden. Although the scarecrow is an enjoyable, tried-and-true procedure. Learn how to make this super easy and quick popsicle stick scarecrow craft for kids.

Crochet Scarecrow

13  Fun DIY Scarecrow Crafts for Kids - Scarecrow Crafts for Kids, DIY Scarecrow Crafts for Kids, DIY Scarecrow, diy kids craftsEtsy.com

Scarecrow Jar

DIY Candy Filled Scarecrow Jarhousingaforest

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft

Fun DIY Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft


Coffee Can Scarecrow

Cute Repurposed Coffee Can Scarecrowcraftsbyamanda

Scarecrow Craft For Kids

DIY Foam Scarecrow Craft For Kidskidscraftroom

Bottle Scarecrow Craft

Repurposed Bottle Scarecrow Craftlovemybighappyfamily

Mason Jar Scarecrow

DIY Mason Jar Scarecroweasypeasyandfun

Scarecrow Doll

Handsewn Primitive Scarecrow DollEtsy

Terracotta Pot Scarecrow

DIY Terracotta Pot Scarecrowallcreated

Paper Bowl Scarecrow Craft

Easy DIY Paper Bowl Scarecrow Craftiheartcraftythings

Picket Fence Scarecrow

Rustic DIY Picket Fence Scarecrow ourcloverhouse

Scarecrow Wreath With Legs

Cute DIY Scarecrow Wreath With Legstrendytree