When it comes to bedrooms they come in variety of shapes and sizes, but there is one thing that makes our rooms our own and that is our own personal style. Each of us has a different style and taste and we all want to showcase that through the décor in our bedroom. Decorating can often be a struggle, we all love a freshly decorated room yet so many of us detest the task of creating that. Here are a few tips to help you banish the beige and to help you put your own personal style back in to that bedroom.


Colour Scheme

Colour schemes are perhaps the best reflection of our personality. Whether you choose something chic and simple or something a little louder and more bold, the colours we choose are a fantastic way of expressing ourselves. Simple colour schemes such as pastels and basic whites are frequently the easiest options to use within a bedroom as they act as a backdrop for your chosen furniture –which in turn makes the task of finding furniture to match a whole lot easier. These colours are also the best choice if you want to incorporate just a splash of brighter colour too as you can do so through highlight colours in your furniture. If you are a tad bolder and fancy something to match that, then opting for a feature wall is an easy way in which to do so. A feature wall can add colours and patterns to a room without it coming across as too garish or shouty at the rest of your room. If you want some ideas for colour schemes or general décor tips then there is plenty of inspiration online.



Picking furniture out for your bedroom is such a fun task and there is just so much beautiful furniture out there to choose from. Whether you opt for new or vintage it has to fit perfectly within the theme of your room. Mismatched furniture has been extremely popular of late and although it sounds like a straightforward task, if you do choose to go for the mismatched look then it takes some very careful planning in order to make it work. Check out local car boot sales and antique dealers to discover what stunning pieces of furniture they have to offer, but ensure that if they are mismatched they have a certain aspect in common with each other such as colour of wood. If you prefer something a little more contemporary then discovering the perfect furniture for your bedroom should be a breeze. Many companies such as David Phillips Furniture offer complete packages of furniture for your bedroom, which means you have more time in which to add those personal touches that make your room, well – yours!


Finishing Touches

Although you can express yourself through colour and furniture, there is nothing quite like adding personal touches to your room to make it your own. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, there are always things you can do style your bedroom, from hanging pictures in mismatched frames to using vinyl stickers to personalise your walls there are plenty of lovely ideas out there which are so easy to do. If you’re on a tight budget, then there are a whole host of DIY projects you can do which won’t cost you the earth, from attaching old wooden crates to your walls to use as shelving, to creating your own chalkboard paint to use on your walls, the sky really is the limit!

As you can see, there are just so many ways in which to style your bedroom and make sure it screams you. Whether you just love colour and want something bold and beautiful, or you prefer something a little more simplistic and opt for something chic and sweet, there are just so many things you can do to make your bedroom that little bit more homely.