We all know that the first priority in construction is to do the job the right way. Make it sturdy and secure, and make it look great. That is what will keep you working for years to come. However, another priority that is just as important is efficiency. You have to be efficient in your work and efficient in your spending. Otherwise, you’re leaving profit on the table. Time is money, and if you are spending too much time on projects, then it’s costing you money. Also, if you get a reputation for taking a long time to complete your work, the jobs will start to dry up.

Streamlining Your Construction Site with Essential Equipment - streamlining, site, sanitation, safety, power, mobile office, efficiency, construction

That’s why you need the right equipment. You can do the job well and efficiently when you have the right equipment. If you don’t have everything you need or the wrong size or type, it could cause problems on the job site. Here is the essential equipment you need on every construction site so that you can streamline what you are doing.

Safety Equipment

On the surface, safety equipment has nothing to do with efficiency and streamlining. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. What is more disruptive to a workday than someone getting hurt? The issue isn’t just with having an injured worker. When the incident happens, some workers will go to provide first aid and comfort. The rest will stand by to watch and won’t return to work until everything is deemed safe again. If the worker misses time, you have lost a valuable part of your team.

All of this will add to the completion time of your project. Make sure they are all outfitted with safety gear, and make sure they follow all safety guidelines and don’t cut corners. It may take longer to be safe, but it will save time, money, and injuries in the long run.


If you’re doing a demo job before or during building, then you will want a forklift. It just makes hauling debris so much easier. Make sure that the pallet forks you have are long enough to do the job. You can waste a lot of time moving things by hand or using hand trucks. A forklift will make the process go smoothly, and you will only need one operator to drive it.

A forklift can also be useful during construction, even if you don’t have any heavy hauling to do. Your workers will undoubtedly create waste, such as leftover materials and regular trash. By having a forklift there, you can easily remove the waste without needing your workers to leave their stations. Instead, the operator can drive up to the materials, load the forklift with forks or a hopper attached, and haul it away. Much less time is wasted, and it keeps your workers working.

Mobile Office

We are more connected than ever with smartphones and other technology. However, there are better things than being on-site to manage a project. Make the job site feel as close to the building on your own property as possible by bringing a mobile office on-site. You will be able to keep everything on track, ensure they’re safe, and ensure you’re on a budget. You can also answer questions from your employees. Sure, you can do that by phone, but sometimes you’re away from your phone or have to look at something closer to decide. If you have several job sites, then have trusted managers that can make certain decisions on those projects.


When you work on a construction project, you will no doubt have to turn off the water access at some point. It could be that you are doing some plumbing work, or you are demoing, or it’s a new build entirely, and the water hasn’t been turned on yet. Whatever the reason, it means that you have to bring your own water. Firstly you can bring some for your staff so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day. However, you will also need it for sanitation. Along with portable toilets, your employees will need to wash their hands. It’s much faster for them to do so on-site than going to a nearby property.


Much like the water, you might find yourself needing more power during the job. You must have alternate sources of power ready to go when you do. In fact, you should always have it ready in case of an accident or you realize that you have to shut off a building’s power and didn’t expect to. Ensure that your generator lasts long enough for your project and is powerful enough for all your tools.

You should have fuel for your equipment. Running out and needing refills is a good use of time. Take stock of how much you have daily, and bring fuel to the site when needed. Store a large amount on-site so you don’t have to worry about it.

Streamlining and Efficiency

There are some other things you need to be as efficient as possible on a job. For one, make sure that every team member is properly trained in using the equipment and all applicable safety guidelines. In addition, your site should always be kept clean, and your tools should be put away safely after use.

One thing that may be helpful, especially if you have multiple job sites, is a system for keeping track of all your equipment, from tools to safety gear and everything in between. The last thing you want is to place something and save time tracking it down. If you follow these tips and invest in the right equipment, you can get the most bucks for the bang on your jobs.