Just as every season sees reinvention, from the natural landscape to that of your closet, so too do home décor trends come and go. Fortunately for you, we have the lowdown on what’s still popular, what’s on its way out, and what is about to emerge on the scene in a big way.

Art for Art’s Sake


Gone are the days of strategically placed multi-framed pictures canvasing entire walls, and instead we are seeing an emergence of simplicity in oversized art. This encompasses focal-points such as overly large paintings or even gorgeous blown up photographs that we spotted on sites such as Posterlounge, for a single eye-catching piece that dominates not only the entire wall, but the entire room.

Tantalizing Tubs


As your home should be your own personal oasis and your leisurely escape from the stresses of your daily grind, bathrooms are back into focus; more specifically, modern and luxurious tubs. 2015 is seeing simple freestanding designs replacing vintage clawfoot tubs for a clean and understated appeal, bringing a calming effect to your bathroom.

Getting It All Out in the Open


The open concept kitchen design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; however, one of the latest features in open kitchens is replacing cupboards for open kitchen shelving. Just be sure to play with color and textures here to optimize this modern and sleek look.

Alterations in Accent


That formerly trendy painted accent wall is now a thing of the past. Instead, 2015 is seeing accent trim with eye-grabbing painted moldings. Hues are pretty open to consideration, so long as they contrast with the wall color and really make the shade pop. The accent wall isn’t dead, however, as we are also seeing statement walls being achieved with wallpaper, which is actually coming back in a very interesting way – in textures and digital prints – and is gracing conventional spaces and adding an air of intrigue.

Fixed Fixtures

Out is the polished brass look for hardware and in are gold and matt metallic fixtures. Both looks bring a sense of class and sophistication to bathrooms and kitchens alike. Styles include sleek and modern hardware, as well as retro statement pieces.

Well Color Me Marsala

The red/brown warm and earthy Marsala hue is being deemed the ‘it’ color of 2015. This elegant yet grounded shade is being complemented nicely by contrasting indigo blues and navy, what are also being termed Greek Blue or Mediterranean blues, in pop-color accent pieces like curtains and throw pillows.

Ultimately, your home is all about reflecting your taste and personality, as well as being a safe haven where you can relax and unwind. Certain trends will come and go, but in the end the timeless aspect that will keep your home in vogue and yourself satisfied is your own personal flare that you bring to new trends in décor. Remember to be undaunted by the challenge, as you may find that with a little intrigue and a little creativity, you can harness whichever trends do suit your fancy and apply them in simple and easy ways, without any major renovation or overhaul. It’s amazing what a simple new coat of paint or some new curtains and throw pillows can do to completely transform a space and revive your appreciation for your home.