The skin is exposed to a variety of external influences every day. Pollution, sweat, and impurities collect on the face and can cause breakouts if the skin is not cleaned.

By reflex, we tend to wash our face morning and night. But what is really the right frequency? Do you really have to wash your face every day? morning and evening?

Washing your face every day: the essential gesture of a skincare routine


If there is one step that should not be overlooked in your skincare routine, it is indeed daily facial cleansing. Cleanse your face every day yes, but not with just any product. We clean gently, avoiding harsh soaps and cleaning products that contain alcohol, as they can disrupt the skin barrier, warns the expert. For daily cleaning, it is best to use a mild cleanser. 

Morning or evening: how many times a day should you wash your face? 


The ideal is to wash your face twice a day. Cleansing the skin in the morning eliminates excess sebum, impurities, and dead cells accumulated during skin cell renewal at night. This step allows you to continue with your skincare routine on clean skin ready to receive products. 

In the evening, this gesture is all the more essential, because it allows you to get rid of particles of pollution, perspiration, or even makeup residues. 

For this cleaning to be even more effective, the expert recommends practicing the method of double cleaning: In the evening it is interesting to do a double cleaning, especially in summer when you use sunscreens, or even for oily skin. This serves to first remove the impurities that are oil soluble and then remove the rest with a gel cleanser. 

If washing your face twice a day is recommended by specialists, it is not a general rule. Very sensitive and very dry skin can, for example, opt for a lotion or a veil of thermal water in the morning, which they will wipe off with a cotton ball. 

On the other hand, twice-daily facial cleansing in combination with oily skin is essential. 

Make-up removal, the step to never skip  


Properly cleansed skin begins with effective daily make-up removal. This is an essential step that should not be forgotten under any circumstances. “Always remove make-up! Even if it’s late, even if you’re tired, always remove make-up from your skin!

Sleeping with makeup on your skin can clog pores, hamper their functioning and promote the appearance of pimples. As the night is a time when the skin regenerates, not removing makeup will prevent effective cell renewal. 

On a tired evening when you have nothing to hand, removing make-up with soap and water is a possible option. But, it must remain exceptional. “We do not remove makeup with soap, makeup melts in oil or fat so removing makeup with soap will not effectively remove makeup,” finally reminds our expert. We prefer a make-up remover vegetable oil or a make-up remover balm.