Did you know that babies are learning more in the first 3 years then during the rest of their lives? This is a very busy time for them. There are a lot of “windows of opportunity” where they develop certain behaviors.  Babies and toddlers will LOVE exploring all the textures and gadgets on these awesome toys. Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. Babies love exploring and tinkering with practically anything, and it’s both fun and educational for them to play with interesting toys. But it can get costly to keep purchasing name-brand baby toys, so why not DIY it? Your precious one will surely love playing with these DIY toys.

Felt Book Of Shapes

DIY Little Felt Book Of Shapes

Toy Truck From Felt

DIY Toy Truck From Felt

Finger Puppets

Fun DIY Finger Puppets

Stimulating Fleece Toys

Sensory Stimulating Fleece Toys

Glitter Bottle

Colorful And Fun Glitter Bottle

Rainbow Shaker Bottles

DIY Sensory Play Rainbow Shaker Bottles

Ribbon Wands For Babies

Fast And Easy Ribbon Wands For Babies

Softy Baby Toy

Easy Scrap Bunny Softy Baby Toy

Ring Toy

Soft Stacking Ring Toy

Teething Toy

All Natural Baby Teething Toy

Crocheted Baby Rattle

Easy Crocheted Baby Rattle

Baby’s First Book

DIY Baby’s First Book

Plastic Bottle Bowling Set

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Bowling Set


Cork Drum Set

Easy DIY Cork Drum Set

Wooden Baby Gym

DIY Wooden Baby Gym

Foam Baby Blocks

Fabric And Foam Baby Blocks

Fabric Beach Balls

Easy Sew Fabric Beach Balls