Summer is coming. The time of being outdoors. When we spend our Saturday mornings weeding the garden and mowing the lawn before the sun gets too hot and then host parties on the patio once the stones cool off. At least those of us lucky enough to own a patio are hosting parties. From gorgeous designs to personalizing touches, check out these distinctive shade structures and get ideas for decorating your garden space.

Corner Cabin Style Pergola With

Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic

Pacific Picnic Wooden Pergola Setting
 Tropical Parlor Outdoor Pergola Set

Island Thatching Pergola

Grilling Palace

Polynesian Bliss Poolside

 Northeastern Pagoda Style Freestanding

English Garden Latticed Pergola

Corner Retreat Pergola With Suspended

Rustic Grecian Pillared

Garden Gazebo Style

Urban Escape Rooftop

Provincial Cottage Pergola Setting With

Malibu Shelter Curtained

Orchard Ambiance Thatched

Big Sur Style Rustic

Southwest Lanai Style

Greenhouse Design Pergola With Checkerboard