Did you know that settling for a specific tattoo design that is meant to stick on your body forever maybe a long process? Well, if you are thinking of getting your first tattoo there are some designs that you can choose from as you make that vital decision. Tattoos may have different meanings. Some tattoos may be symbolic, others inspirational. One is therefore advised to get the meaning of their desired tattoos before having them.

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Different tattoo designs for cool guys

1. Anchor tattoo

This is a symbolic tattoo that dates back in the ancient times. This is when the anchor was protected from being destroyed by the ocean. People get this tattoo as a symbol of stability.


2.Aries tattoo

Aries is known by many to be on 21 March. This is an astrological sign. It is represented by a ram that is believed to have escaped from its evil stepmother.


3.Cartoon tattoo

A cartoon is an animated image that is easily recognized. These cartoons include; Eric Cart man, Mickey Mouse, Batman and Popeye.


4.Jesus tattoo

Jesus is believed to be the chosen son of God. Some people may choose this tattoo to symbolize their Christianity and belief in a supreme God.


5.Dragon tattoo

A dragon is an ancient animal that had a snake-like body and a rough body. People use this tattoo to represent freedom and wisdom.


6.Star tattoo

Stars are made up of different patterns. This tattoo is mostly found around the eyes and ears where a collection of stars are drawn.


7.Samurai tattoo

This tattoo is a symbol of courage, wisdom, trust and honor. It is usually worn by warriors under a strict code called Bushido.


8.Devil tattoo

This is a tattoo that symbolizes chaos, mischievous behavior and ultimate evil. These tattoos are usually scary.


9.Flower tattoo

Flower tattoos are commonly used because of the beautiful designs. Different flowers have different meanings.


10.Celebrity tattoo

These are the tattoos acquired by fans of various celebrities’ face. They are used to express love towards the celebrity.

Rachael Ray Signs Copies of "Yum-O The Family Cookbook" at Borders Books on May 31, 2008 in Syosset, NY.

11.Angel tattoo

These are religious tattoos with images of angels. People get these tattoos to represent chastity and devotion.

Angelic angel tattoo designs are very charming in place on the chest of a man. This might be called the appeal of angel tattoos as a decoy girl, because it looks very pretty.

12.Butterfly tattoo

Butterflies are made of different colors, sizes and types. People use this tattoos to represent their inner beauty.


13.Feather tattoo

Feathers of different birds are used to symbolize life, death or ideas. The commonly used feathers are those of the peacock.

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14.Name tattoo

Various names are used like those of the children or spouses.


15.Piercing tattoo

These are tattoos that are pierced and one may wear an ornament on them.

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16.Cherry tattoo

These are feminine tattoos that symbolize sexual allure.


17.Cross tattoo

These are religious tattoos that symbolize death, nature and life.

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18.Memorial tattoo

These tattoos represent emotions and commemorating life.


19.Praying hands tattoo

These are religious tattoos that symbolize humility.


20.Spider tattoo

These are cultural tattoos that symbolize positive ideas.


21.Metallic temporary tattoos

Metallic temporary tattoos are available where one can get assistance on the best tattoo to settle for.