Fire is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that we get to warm our bodies during the cold weather next to a fireplace, light up a candle to set up a romantic ambiance for a dinner date and most of all we get to enjoy a hot cooked meal, among others. On the other hand, it is a curse in that it can cause detrimental damages when it is not contained. Most house fires have been known to cause irreparable damages. And besides our homes, such wildfires have been known to wipe out entire industrial establishments as well as whole forest vegetation. From this, we gather that if we don’t take the necessary steps to avoid or control a fire outbreak, then we are doomed.

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Well, below are a few modern fireproofing techniques adaptable to keep such accidents at bay or in a controlled state before spreading.

1. Placement Of Fire Defense Materials In The House

To start a fire, you have to create a spark by friction to start a flame. Well, for whatever reason you are to use this flame for, you need to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t go out of control. But in the event it does, you need a few necessary materials within your reach to either put it out or contain it. Examples of such materials are fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Fire extinguishers are by far the most practical and well-known ways to put out a fire. Therefore by having an easily accessible one does go a long way into ensuring your home is fire protected. A fire blanket is also another tool used. In the onset of a small fire, one simply covers the flame with the sheet to suffocate the flame of oxygen, which is the key ingredient of a fire.

2. Installation Of Smoke Detector Alarms

There is indeed no smoke without fire, and that is precisely where smoke detectors come into play. Previously, people used to catch flames long after they have spread from the point of origin because it took time for the smoke to be detected. Other people have even lost their lives as the smoke produced poisoned them into a heavy slumber. But today with the invention of smoke detectors, one gets to be alerted even at a hint of smoke. A modern smoke detector sounds out an alarm before the fire has spread. Such sensors have also been modified to activate overhead pre-installed water pipes that rain carbonated water or pressurized air directly on the flame. In addition to alerting the homeowner to vacate the premises immediately, they also send a signal to the fire station and the police.

3. Installation Of Proper Wiring

Another well-known source of home fires is loose wiring. Most cases arise in the event of short circuits and contact with water. Wires that were laid during the construction of the home may wear out or get damaged by rodents chewing on them. This leaves them exposed and possess a likelihood of sparking a flame starting a fire. To avoid this situation, electrical wires should be contained in a waterproof and rodent proof pipe from the point of origin to the point of destination. Periodic maintenance and repair of old and damaged wires should also be taken into consideration.

4. Build A Well Ventilated Fireplace

Today, If one is to install a fireplace as part of their home design, they should build one that is well ventilated. It should have all the structural features that ensure the safety of the home occupants. First, it should direct all the smoke to the outside; It should also be built protected with a guard grill and at a position strategically at distances away from any flammable material. Meaning carpets and curtains should be placed at a distance that sparks cannot reach them. Traditional types of fireplaces which use wood as their primary source of fuel are perhaps the ones that need full-time monitoring. But modern ones that use gas can be installed instead. They are safer, considering they can be regulated, they produce little or no smoke, and they are more energy efficient because of the use of gas. However, they do not eradicate the eventuality of fire entirely. If the gas piping is not well installed or maintained, it too can cause a fire. Therefore, one should take note of this.

5. Use Fireproof Building Material

The placing of fireproof defenses would serve little or no purpose at all if you built your house by using materials that are prone to catching fire fast. Materials that are safe from fire are concrete, slate, marble, and clay. By building your home by the use of these materials, you reduce the eventuality of fire spreading.