How To Find Your Ideal Wedding Suit: A Groom’s Style Handbook - wedding, suits, men, fashion

How often do you get to be the center of the attraction of a mesmerized crowd of people for a couple of hours or more at a time? Unless you’re a celebrity, a show host, or the president, your big day will likely be one of a kind in your life.

If you’re getting all that attention, you want to look your best and know how to find your ideal wedding suit. That’s because your suit is your weapon to stand out and remain the star of your day – right after your emotions. And no, let’s use something other than ‘wedding days are for brides’ to turn down an opportunity to shine. You should be doing it together! So, when choosing the ideal wedding suit for the groom, there are a couple of things you should know first.

Do You

There’s no better day to be more authentic than the day you formally start to share your life with someone else. So, irrespective of how convincing the tips you get here may sound, your wedding suit will never be ideal if it does not allow you to be you.

Wear What Fits

If the first rule of fashion is to be comfortable in whatever you wear, you would want to keep that rule on your big day. And your wedding isn’t the day for discomfort (physical or psychological) of any kind.

Regarding fit,  ideal wedding suits for men are best found in a bespoke shop. When you can choose all the details that go into your suit (down to the lining and thread color for the buttons), you’ll never miss getting a suit that fits perfectly. If you need more time to be ready to break the bank for a wedding suit, ensure that your choice of off-the-rack suits is close to your size. Opt for off-the-rack suits that are your exact size or a size smaller.

What’s Your Relationship with Suits?

You haven’t much to worry about if you’re always in the perfect gentleman’s mood. The traditional tux and tie outfit would do you just fine. Then, you can bring in tiny details of your personality through your accessories.

But if you are not a sucker for suits, a flap pocket suit over a plain shirt (with no tie and a few buttons undone) will still give you the responsible groom look without hiding your personality. Just make sure your partner won’t freak out at your decision.

The Feel

Other than considering the year’s season (which we will look at later), your choice of fabric for your wedding suit fabric is entirely up to you. You can choose from cotton, velvet, tweed, flannel, silk, and seersucker, to name a few. And if you prefer that your wedding suit has a feel of more than one material, there are a variety of blends to choose from.

Navigating Colors

We get it. The color of your suit should resonate with the aesthetics of your event and all. But what if you’ve always found that pink shade too bright and extra feminine? Then you’re not under any compulsion to don an all-pink jacket or tuxedo on your big day!

Consider options like embroidering the day’s color into a part of your suit or simply sticking with a touch of a lining in a subtle shade. Slapping your wedding color into smaller pieces like your tie, pocket square, or socks while you wear the rest of your suit in your favorite boho and pastel shades would also be a good idea. The goal is to have a harmonious blend of colors on your day. That’s all.

Dress for the Weather

An ideal wedding suit will no longer be suitable if it isn’t right for the prevailing weather conditions on your big day. So, yes. In addition to styling for your taste, remember to style for the weather.

For Warmer Seasons

Go for light, open-weaved fabrics if your wedding falls in the hotter periods so your guests do not confuse those droplets of sweat for nervousness, and your best man would have less work to do. Linen, cotton, and silk-linen blends would be ideal for higher temperatures.

During the Cold

And if you’re getting joined in the colder months, an ideal suit should be heavier and warmer to keep out the wrong goosebumps. Check out wool, brocade, tweed, and velvet suits.

Fit In

In addition to giving your bride room to pass a comment or compliment on your wedding suit, you’d also want to check in with her choice of wedding dress and those of her bridesmaids. You want to avoid looking like you stumbled upon your wedding venue.

As a bonus tip, you can heat the atmosphere of your wedding by choosing something that accentuates your partner’s blonde hair (for example).

Rock With the Party

When choosing the ideal wedding suit, you should also consider the line-up of events on your wedding day. If you’ve planned to have a small, quiet joining in the morning, then a traditional jacket or tuxedo with that undeniable touch of formality would work fine. Yes, a waistcoat would be a perfect addition to plain or subtly striped trousers here.

But if you’re down for a wedding in the fantastic evening and an energetic party to wrap things up, you’d want to go with something a few distance away from formal and traditional. How does a pair of suspenders sound? You also want to look only proper when your guests are chilling in beach-friendly wear.

Stay Within Your Budget

Every groom wants to look as dashing as Ryan Gosling in their wedding suit – and you deserve to look even better! But if the suit that will give you that celebrity look exceeds your wedding budget, it may no longer qualify as an ideal wedding suit.

Your ideal suit could be custom-made, made to measure, or ready-to-wear, depending on what you’re okay with spending on clothing for your special day. As a pro-tip for budget and your wedding suit, consider that you’ll likely wear that suit more than a dozen more times after your wedding. So, while you’re not going to throw away all the money you could use to start your family on two or three pieces of clothing, you do not want to hold back!


It’s your wedding day, man. You’ve just got to be yourself. Whatever you wear that day should complement your fashion choices and style as much as possible. Consider other external factors, but be bold and fill your day with different shades of uniqueness!