Boomerang-CompressedEach world culture has a unique and characteristic emblem and Australia is blessed with having the boomerang as a symbol of its indigenous Aborigine people. It is one of the most interesting tools that have wowed people the world over for thousands of years. The famous adventurer, Captain James Cook is said to have been the first European to record the term boomerang on paper in the late 18th Century. He is said to have thought of it as some wooden sword and taken one back to his home country of England. Ever since that time, many people have been fascinated by this strange wooden object which though being heavier than air revolves upon itself upon being thrown into the open skies.

There are many types of boomerang Australia has to offer, with varying dimensions and attributes. The conventional boomerangs have a throwing range of between twenty and thirty metres and dimensions that range from thirty to forty-five centimetres. Another type of boomerang is the hook boomerang which can be designed to match your throwing hand. You can, therefore, enjoy the thrills of throwing a returning wooden artefact with a throwing range of about 30 metres. The admiral boomerang is unique in that it displays a leisurely loped flight path and can withstand average wind speeds.

Boomerangs are also now manufactured from lightweight materials and in non-conventional design layouts so as to enable even younger children of the age of four and above to have their hands on it. This is not only a good leisurely way to invoke your children to spend more time outside, but is also a great way to encourage them to desist from being overly engaged in indoor activities. More so, it enables them to adopt a healthy lifestyle from a tender age. Many educational institutions from all over the world hire their uniquely talented and skilled boomerang craftsmen to offer students with opportunities to learn more about the history, craftsmanship and throwing of this unique Aborigine hunting and playing instrument.

In today’s ever-changing world, it is common to find organisations incorporating outdoor functions either for promotional activities or even employee wellness programs in an effort to enhance employee motivation. One such way is through organising outdoor excursions where staffs are trained how to throw boomerangs. These sessions can last about four weekends to ensure skills are perfected. Later on, the organization’s staff can hold an in-house boomerang throwing competition to select the best boomerang throwers. With the help of the boomerang throwing training company, an organisation may prepare its best staff to register for boomerang throwing festivals and competitions

More so, organisations do use boomerangs for promotional activities. For instance, they can be used as gifts to valued clients, for brand promotion and in charitable events. Most companies engaging in such activities tend to have product brand emblems and colours painted or printed on the boomerangs. Given that boomerangs are a fun object to play with or even hang on your home or office wall, companies are favouring using branded boomerangs towards giving back to society.

It is now possible for you to own one of these fine cultural artefacts distinct to Australia’s Aborigine people, thanks to boomerang manufacturers who run efficient online stores at competitive prices. There are companies in Australia like Wycheproof Boomerangs which manufacture handmade boomerangs uniquely designed by talented Australian craftsmen. Whether as a mere purchase, promotional, educational, gift a physical fitness aid, or as a piece of Australia’s rich history, boomerangs are surely a fun thing to play outdoors with fellow staff members, family and friends.