Marketing mistakes in the beauty salon business are a regular occurrence especially with newer entrants. While there is nothing wrong with making the odd mistake and learning from it, repeating the same mistakes can hinder you from hitting set goals and objectives. Here are is a look at these mistakes and how you can avoid them.


Poor marketing budget

If you have all the right tools and make your salon the cosiest in the area but don’t have enough mapped out to spread the word, your business may never quite take off. When planning your business, your marketing spend should be next on the list after equipment and the right type of insurance. Regardless of your circumstance and budget, you should have enough to establish online presence, use email marketing and encourage word of mouth advertising (think discounts).


Wrong approach to pricing

When reading your marketing message, your salon customers will want to immediately know your prices. You can’t afford to set them too low as you could come off as cheap. You will be unable to pay bills as well. If you set them too high, you will put them off. A good tip is to offer a better package than the competition for a slightly higher price than the average and reduce a bit if you think it will improve bookings. Don’t set prices low and increase later. You may not recover.


Marketing message without focus

Who is your beauty salon for? If you try to appeal to everyone, you may not achieve your marketing goals. Are you targeting young professionals or the older generation? Channel your marketing message to address them. Even when you have the capacity to cater for all kinds of beauty salon customers, only address one demographic with your marketing message.


Sloppy marketing content

Error filled marketing materials and wrong spellings in marketing emails won’t bring in many customers to your beauty salon. Your business will come off as unprofessional and sloppy. Use experts where necessary.


Communicating marketing messages at the wrong time

Do you have special weekend discounts? Announcing it on Facebook on the Friday is not a good idea. Your target audience must have booked sessions elsewhere during the week. Similarly, you need to watch the posting schedule for your online marketing content. An announcement posted during the commute hours or around tea time will most likely get more engagement than one posted midnight or during work hours.

These are the common marketing mistakes beauty salon owners make. Avoid them and you can increase the chances of survival for your business.