If we told you that you could find a real estate agent that you could fall in love with and recommend, would you believe it? Finding the right licensed real estate agent for the sale of your property has never been more important.  The current economy has evolved into a trust-based market and only those real estate agents that perform above and beyond will yield the financial rewards that they seek from their prospects.

The launch of LocalAgentFinder has allowed consumers to get on the front foot and take control of the trust factor when it comes to finding and comparing real estate agents. In fact, more people that are using the comparison service are validating their love for their agent by showering them with testimonials and offering them referrals, which is the highest compliment a real estate agent can receive. If you are still having trouble believing, the team has provided ways to successfully find an agent by comparing real estate agencies so they can become your true love when it comes to property sales.


Good real estate agents are honest.

Honesty is the best trait to look for in your real estate agent. You cannot fake honesty since people have a sixth sense for it. Hiring someone that is dishonest will put your property’s sales campaign on the path to failure. Clients appreciate people that are sincere and that are prepared to manage realistic expectations rather than over promising for the home of gaining a short-term reward at the expense of their client’s shattered dreams. Your real estate agent should show signs of developing genuine rapport and being honest about all aspects of the sale.

A good real estate agent is well presented.

Good salespeople know how to sell themselves as their own brand. The real estate agent will present themselves in professional attire, as well as the way they speak and the way they come across to people. Their presence should be bold and radiate confidence. This charisma will draw prospects and will add the sense of credibility needed for your property to sell at a higher pricing point, thus earning you more revenue from the sale of your property.

A good real estate agent will put your interests first.

A good real estate agent will always put the needs of the sellers before their own. There are some real estate agents focus on manufacturing the sale so that they get their real estate agent’s fees at the expense of the seller. This short-term outlook costs them thousands in potential earnings from would-be referrals over the long term. Good real estate agents will seek to have a win-win situation where the more you earn, the more they will earn from their real estate agent’s commission.

A good real estate agent will maintain good communication with you during the sales process.

Nothing is more frustrating than being kept out of the loop during the sale of your property. You want to be well informed on all aspects relating to the sale of your property, such as:

  • What your current selling situation is.
  • The status of your prospective buyers and offers.

A good real estate agent will be proactive.

Average real estate agents wait for potential buyers to come their way. Proactive real estate agents will work hard to find potential buyers and stay on the front foot when it comes to communicating, coordinating and managing aspects of the sale of the property.

A good agent will be adaptable.

Real estate agents can face challenging clients and sales procedures. Negotiations can be even tougher. That is why the agent needs to be adaptable to work negotiations into their representative’s favour.

What not to get as a real estate agent!

More often than not, real estate agents are compared to car or insurance salesmen. While there are people in the industry that don’t provide the professionalism that is expected within the industry, there are agents who take great pride in what they do and excel.

At the end of the day, the real estate agent should be working to get you the best price for the sale of your home. Compare agents that you feel are honest, genuine and have your best interests at heart. Check their track record and get referrals where you can to build a strong relationship that will err on the side of love, once they give you the sales satisfaction that you desire.