Inverter technology is the latest in AC technology. It is concerned with the electric motors of the compressors. The main advantage of the inverter is that it can control the speed of the compressor motor continuously. What it results is that the temperature gets regulated consistently. The DC inverter unit works on a variable frequency drive which has an adjustable electrical inverter. It helps in controlling the speed of the electromotor, i.e. the compressor and the heating/cooling effect.


The DC drive converts the AC into DC. The electric inverter then produces the current with the desired frequency with the help of modulation. A microcontroller is present that can take samples of the ambient air temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor accordingly. This enables the inverter AC to have a high efficiency compared to that of traditional air conditioners. These ACs also has extended the life of the compressor parts. The troubles of sharp load fluctuations present in the non-inverter ACs are reduced.

Inverter AC is quieter and gives a pleasant ambience in the room. They even have less operating cost. They also have less number of breakdowns. This enables the inverter AC to operate for a long time compared to that of regular ACs. The inverter ACs are more expensive compared to that of a fixed speed ACs. However, the Inverter AC more than pays for its price by reducing the electricity bills in the home. You can get the payback within two years of usage with inverter ACs.

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Benefits of Inverter ACs

One of the main benefits of Inverter ACs is that it is eco-friendly. It consumes less electricity but produces a high cooling effect. The variable speed of the inverter AC is a great advantage. It reduces the friction in operation. The operation of the AC varies according to the temperature in the room. You will be able to save money and energy with the help of inverter ACs.
Another advantage is that the compressor works intelligently and does not run on full speed unless it is needed. Because of this sophisticated operation of the inverter, the speed is lower, and hence the frictional noise of the compressor is also lower.

Less friction means longer life. The compressor parts of the inverter ACs work for a longer period because of optimal running. The technology makes the heating and cooling more efficient and the operation long running.

Inverter ACs are known for their faster operations. This means that you don’t have to wait for the room to get cooler. It takes very little time for that. The inverter works on turbo mode increasing the speed during starting and then reduces the speed once it reaches the desired temperature.


Inverter ACs are one of a kind. They are the must-have appliances in your home to combat the summer. This helps you to keep tabs on the electricity bills while also enjoying the cool air. Try out one of the inverter ACs in the market. You will definitely like it.