Orange County in southern California has long been known as one of the most beautifully majestic places in the world. With the endless Pacific coastline, rolling hills and mountain ranges, it is like a paradise on earth. Home to quaint villages and quiet towns, it is home to some of the most luxurious properties around.

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San Clemente is an idyllic mid-size town nestled between the bluffs along the Pacific ocean in southern California. The whole county has less than 100K in population, making this a serene and laid-back area with a small town vibe. Averaging over 300 days of sunshine a year with comfortable temperatures throughout, it’s no surprise that new San Clemente homes are not on the market for long.

This small but modern town has everything that you come to expect from a big city, but with the charm and peace of village life. It boasts a fully modern infrastructure full of Spanish-themed architecture and a booming economy. For those who love to indulge in the finer things in life, this is a paradise fit for royalty without the flash and pomp.

The perfect blend of small town living with the convenience of big city amenities. San Clemente has enjoyed a steady and secure economy that is impressive for a town of its size and location. The town is dedicated to supporting all of its own local businesses and has plenty of employment opportunities in many fields.

Although it may be considered a resort town, it doesn’t suffer the same seasonal lows that many other places have to contend with. Its unemployment rate is 1.9% lower than the national average and the community continues to strengthen from within.

Enjoy shopping, fine dining, entertainment, art galleries and museums all within the town limits. There are 18 schools, with 12 being public and 6 private academies. The school system is among the highest rated in the country for academic excellence. Located an equal distance from Los Angeles and San Diego, it offers a pristine getaway that is still accessible to the larger cities, like San Francisco.

For the ultimate experience in California living, you can head over to San Francisco. The city is home to plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, not to mention its thriving art scene! If you’re planning to settle in the area, why not go for one of the incredible luxury homes in San Francisco and the surrounding area? You can own a veritable palace in a great California location, with plenty of beautiful homes to choose from.

As the surfing media capital of the world, San Clemente hosts head offices for some of the most prolific surfing publications available. It is rated as one of the top areas to catch a wave in all of California. For any outdoor enthusiast, there are endless activities to keep you busy.

  • 2 miles of uninterrupted public beaches for surfing or sunning
  • 21 public parks including 3 beautiful garden sanctuaries
  • 14 miles of exciting hiking trails through the mountains or along the shore
  • Diving, snorkeling and charter fishing
  • Only an hour ferry ride to Catalina
  • 3 professional-grade 18 hole manicured golf courses

Plan a visit to San Clemente and experience the “Spanish village by the Sea.” You won’t want to leave this paradise without already planning your next trip back. Make it a favorite destination for a little calming time in the sun.