Installing fireplaces at home is a fantastic idea as it has been in practice throughout human history. Fireplaces enhance your home’s interiors and create an environment to rest during winter days. The best part is that you need not have a fireplace in your drawing room but several rooms.

Plenty of authoritative bodies have banned the usage of wood fireplaces in new homes. Even though it is instilled with nostalgia and adds to the aestheticism of your home, they are not safe. The contemporary age gas fireplaces are way convenient and environment friendly.

There has been a dramatic expansion of options for fireplaces in Melbourne in recent years. Some fireplaces are efficient for heating a tiny house, while others are solely decorative products. So if you are planning to remodel your home, try installing a fireplace.

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10 Types of Fantastic Fireplaces You Can’t Ignore (Don’t Miss Out on Number 9!)

  • Traditional Open-Hearth Fireplace
  • Wall Mounted Fireplace
  • Free-Standing Fireplace
  • Built-in Fireplace Insert
  • Hanging Fireplace
  • Tabletop Fireplace
  • Two-Sided Fireplace
  • Enclosed Fireplace
  • Fireplace Inserts
  • Wood Burning Stoves
  • To Conclude

10 Types of Fantastic Fireplaces You Can’t Ignore (Don’t Miss Out on Number 9!)

Fireplaces have more capabilities than merely heating up your residence’s interiors or exterior. They help intensify, thereby changing the look of your room and making it more comfortable and romantic. Fireplaces come in a wide variety of sizes and are significantly categorised as underwood, ethanol, gas and electric burning.

Installing fireplaces will create a focal point of your residence and add tremendous value. If you are residing in colder regions, then fireplaces are a must. Sitting by a warm fire with your friends and family will feel nice and enhance the ambience.

You will come across plenty of fireplace options that you can incorporate into your house. But make sure you consider gas, ethanol, and electricity as they are much safer than wood-burning fireplaces. You can even install magnificent outdoor fireplaces, which will intensify your home’s curb appeal.

If you are looking forward to remodelling your home, you should consider installing a fireplace at your home. But before you head over to make up your mind, let’s look at some of the most delicate fireplace designs. Read through!

1. Traditional Open-Hearth Fireplace

Mainly wood is burnt in traditional open-hearth fireplaces. They are usually built into the walls of your home with stones and bricks. These fireplaces utilise a flue and chimney for ventilation. This fireplace comes at a high price for mounting. So building a new one will incur huge expenses on you.

That is the reason why most people avoid installing traditional open-hearth fireplaces. You can also check out the prices of all kinds of fireplaces that you can install in your home. This way, you can set up your budget and make up your mind before installing one.

2. Wall Mounted Fireplace

Recently, wall mounted fireplaces have become very trendy for small apartments and houses. This fireplace is mainly used for outdoor spaces for small parties and gatherings. The best part about the self-contained wall-mounted fireplaces is that they can be transported from one room to another.

There are two types of wall-mounted fireplaces – one needs to be connected to a chimney while the other doesn’t. It depends on the type of fuel that is being used. The trendy wall mounted fireplace is a “ribbon fireplace” that you can use with or without a mantel. It works as a great centrepiece in your drawing-room.

3. Free-Standing Fireplace

A free-standing fireplace is a beautiful alternative if you have second thoughts about installing an open-hearth fireplace. It consists of a mantel and is designed to look just like traditional built-in ones. Depending on the fuel you are using, the ventilation of the free-standing fireplace will vary.

While a free-standing electric fireplace can be moved around as a decorative item, a gas burning fireplace shall remain put. These fireplaces come in various styles, sizes and designs. You can even place any valuable or home decor items on the mantel without worrying about damage.

4. Built-in Fireplace Insert

You can install a built-in fireplace insert within an existing traditional fireplace. If you have a conventional fireplace built within your premises, you need not install any new ones. You can put any gas, electric, ethanol or gel insert through the opening.

In this way, you can reduce the maintenance cost of the otherwise wood burning fireplace. With alternative types of fuel, the fireplaces become more efficient. So you can choose a modern technique to put the traditional aesthetics in use.

5. Hanging Fireplace

The floating or suspended fireplaces provide an exciting look to your home. It is usually hung from the ceiling and is a good fit for more miniature interiors. Nevertheless, it has a futuristic vibe and is one of the most acceptable options for interior home decors.

6. Tabletop Fireplace

The contemporary tabletop fireplace is exceptionally lightweight and can be moved from one place to another. This is mainly used outdoors to keep the guest warm during a cold winter night. It also acts as an eye-catching focal time during the evenings.

7. Two-Sided Fireplace

The new age two-sided fireplaces are highly beneficial as they can heat two rooms together. It is placed in the middle of a wall and can warm up two separate spaces together.

8. Enclosed Fireplace

Unlike the traditional fireplaces, these are usually enclosed. It is covered with a large panel of glass to enjoy the view of the fire burning. This design allows less heat to escape the chimney and flows more into the room, making the room warm.

9. Wood Burning Stoves

This fascinating kind of fireplace works as a great alternative to the traditional ones. You can burn wood here without having the requirement of any new fireplace. However, you will need to vent the smoke through a chimney.

10. Fireplace Conversion

If you have an existing wood-burning fireplace, you can easily convert the space. You can use the traditional aesthetic fireplace by putting ethanol burning inserts within it. So you always have the option of upgrading it, thereby providing a modern appearance.

To Conclude

You always have the privilege to design your fireplace according to your requirements. So if you are thinking about home improvement, make sure you incorporate the idea of installing a fireplace. We assure you that fireplaces can intensify the appearance of both your interiors and exterior.