When buying new garden furniture (translated to Dutch: Tuinmeubelen), you naturally want to keep them nice and tidy. Garden furniture can take quite a beating during the harsh winter period, particularly in our cold little country. It is only natural to want your garden furniture to shine even after all the rain, storm and frost it experiences during these winter months. That is why it is important to take certain corrective and preventative measures beforehand. Keep reading and we will spill some insider tips that will ensure that your garden furniture will shine longer than you thought possible!

Insider Tips to Make Your Garden Furniture Shine Longer - tips, garden, furniture, cleaning

Tip 1: Maintaining Wooden Garden Furniture

Have you opted for teak garden furniture? Then you don’t have to worry about your garden furniture in the winter. Wooden garden sets can easily remain outside all year round as they are manufactured to withstand various weather conditions. The hardwood type, for example, can withstand a huge range of temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. This doesn’t mean it will last forever of course; the wood will inevitably age slightly in the form of discoloration. This discoloration can be prevented by treating the furniture with a hardwood oil. This is an environmentally friendly solution that ensures that the wooden garden furniture continues to shine far past its expected lifespan. It also doesn’t hurt to clean your hardwood furniture every now and then with soapy water and a soft cloth; this will prevent any green deposits from building in damp areas. While you might think you can take the easy way out and power-wash your wood with a high-pressure cleaner, this is in fact strongly discouraged. While certainly easier and quicker than cleaning by hand, such a high-pressure cleaner will actually do more damage than good, as it tears away at the layer of natural protection surrounding the wood.

Tip 2: Maintain Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic garden furniture can also remain outside throughout the year. It is often said that plastic generally gets dirty faster, but can always be cleaned easily and quickly. This is one of the major advantages of plastic: you can clean it again and again in no time at all. The only tools you only need are a bucket of soapy water (we recommend you use mild soap) and a soft sponge or cloth. It is important not to use a hard brush for this, as this can damage the plastic with scratches. Dirt and grease can then potentially be trapped in these scratches, so it is key to always handle plastic with soft materials.

Tip 3: Maintain Aluminum Garden Furniture

Nowadays, aluminum is being used more and more frequently as the build material of garden sand lounge sets. Because most aluminum garden furniture is manufactured with a double layer of powder coating, the furniture is well protected against various weather conditions and will remain beautiful for a long time. Aluminum garden furniture also does not rust, and can safely be left outside all year round. If you still feel the need to clean your garden furniture, do so with soapy water and a soft sponge to prevent scratches.

Tip 4: Protect Garden Furniture

To be sure that your garden furniture, especially plastic furniture, survives the winter without any discoloration or damage, you can always opt for a protective cover for your lounge set or garden set. By using a cover, you can rest assured that your garden furniture will continue to shine throughout the year without requiring extra maintenance. When purchasing a garden furniture cover, make sure that it is sturdy enough for the task at hand; this will of course depend on where you live! While the extra protection is definitely great for the furniture, it is important to allow furniture to “breathe” every now and then. This ensures that the furniture does not get damp, as well as letting new air recycle around . In short, when using a protective cover you are assured that your garden furniture will shine throughout the year!