Innovate Your Home with Smart Locks - smart home, lock, home

Looking for new, innovative ways to simplify your home security and make it easier to enter and leave your premises? Thanks to smart locks, life just got a little simpler.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, smart locks make locking and unlocking your front door — and others inside and outside your home — a cinch either via a keypad smart lock or remotely from just about anywhere. On vacation? Simply use your smart lock app on your trusted smartphone to give family or friends access to your home.

Moreover, it makes owning physical keys, in some ways, a thing of the past. Here are several other ways to innovate your home with smart locks.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart locks are usually battery-powered, and inside them, a motor turns the internal lock — the way you manually turn a traditional lock using a physical key. Of course, not all smart locks open and close in the same fashion. The mechanism varies from one to another depending on the make, model, and feature set.

Some models open by touching them with a finger or using a key card. You can unlock other smart locks by turning your smartphone in front of them or tapping an option in your smartphone app. There are also locks that you can lock and unlock using your voice.

The Benefits of Using Smart Locks

Security and aesthetics are the two main reasons why smart locks are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s take a look at some of their inherent benefits.

There’s No Need to Look for Your Keys

Unfortunately, misplacing keys is a common occurrence for some people. Finding them is a time-consuming process, which may result in missing an important event or meeting. Smart locks eliminate the need to look for misplaced or lost keys. Through your smartphone app, you can lock and unlock them from anywhere. Physical keys are not needed.

You’ll Receive Real-Time Tracking and Notifications

Perhaps one of the best reasons to invest in a smart lock is your ability to monitor who enters and exits your house in real-time. Plus, some smart locks send real-time notifications to your smartphone when someone approaches your front door. You can also provide friends and family with different access codes, which enables you to track who opens your door and when.

Improved Security is the Name of the Game

Because you no longer need to leave physical keys under the doormat or inside a flower pot for a family member or friend, there is no risk of unauthorized people gaining access to your house. And smart locks also eliminate the need to make multiple copies of keys.

Different Types of Smart Locks

There are several types of smart locks. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular options.

  • Bluetooth smart locks: Bluetooth-enabled smart locks recognize you as you approach the door and open it for you. It does that by connecting with your smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi smart locks: You can connect these locks to your home Wi-Fi network. By doing that, you can lock and unlock them from anywhere. And because of the Wi-Fi connectivity, you can monitor the exit and entry logs in real-time.
  • Garage-door smart locks: These locks secure where you park your vehicles. Once you install the lock, you can automatically lock and unlock your garage door, as well as control it remotely using a smartphone app.

Find the Right Smart Lock for Your Front Door

Like any big purchase, you should carefully consider your specific needs before investing in any piece of smart-home technology. But with great durability and connection, smart locks can certainly make your life easier. Ultimately, before you start shopping for a smart lock, it’s up to you to determine what’s best for you and your family, as well as who will be able to access your house.