Whether it’s Pantone’s color of the year or just a color you’ve always dreamed of wearing, integrating a new one into your wardrobe isn’t always smooth sailing. To make this transition as pleasant as possible and to make your life more colorful, here are our top tips for bringing the color that catches your eye through the front door.

On your marks, get set…go ahead!


1- Take inventory of your wardrobe

The first step is to take inventory of your wardrobe. Comb through all the items you have on hand and sort them out. Get rid of the tattered pieces and give away what no longer fits you or what you no longer want to wear. Be comfortable with everything that leaves your wardrobe. Afterwards, put all the stored items back in the right place. From this list, you will be able to determine which pieces will be of the chosen color to complete your selection.

2- Slogan: gradually

For successful integration, start gradually. Incorporate the chosen color through accessories, makeup, tights, nail polish or shoes. So you will get used to seeing this color on you and it will become more and more familiar. Gradually you will feel comfortable with this color and wear it more often.

3- Underwear

Who said color was just for clothes? One trick to gently add color to your wardrobe is to do it with your lingerie. Yes, no one will know that you are wearing flash yellow or fire red underwear. Only you (and your spouse if applicable) will know. A good opportunity to find yourself frivolous with a little secret garden.

4- One piece

If you’re the type to “take the bandage off” at once, a complete article is ideal. Whether it’s a sweater, pants or a skirt, pair it with a more neutral color and you’re done. The jacket is also one of our favorite choices at this level! This piece is easy to pair with your usual outfits while looking professional.

5- Borrow from a friend


If you want to be daring, you can swap a few pieces of clothing with a friend. Maybe she has the much-desired color in her closet? Seeing your friend wearing a certain piece might inspire you to try it on yourself. It could also allow you to try a more fitted or looser style with the oversized effect.