There’s a reason chunky shoes are having a moment right now, and it’s because they are so practical. Not only are they comfortable, but they can also be an easy way to inject some much-needed flare into your wardrobe when you’re feeling under-dressed. Plus, with the colder weather upon us and rainier days becoming more frequent, there aren’t many better ways to stay stylish while staying warm. In terms of styling these men’s bulky shoes, there is plenty of scope for experimentation as it doesn’t all have to be about flannel shirts, hoodies and oversized coats. Sometimes you just want to add a little something to your outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd without going over the top. That’s where men’s chunky shoes come in handy. Here are some ideas on how you can wear them with ease:

How To Wear Chunky Shoes: The Best Ways to Style Your Footwear - shoe color, footwear, flannel, fashion, chunky shoes

Make It The Centerpiece of Your Outfit

There are occasions when you just want to make a statement. Maybe you want to stand out from the crowd or you’re attending a special event where you want to be remembered for your style. Men’s chunky shoes are a great way to achieve this. This comes down to styling – you can’t just throw on a pair of chunky shoes with anything. It’s all about the mix and match, and making sure your main item truly is the centerpiece of your outfit. For example, throw on a pair of chunky boots with some slim-fitting black jeans, a flannel shirt and a slim-fitting leather jacket. If you have a pair of chunky sneakers, those can also be a great piece to center your outfit around.

Wear It With A Flannel

Let’s be honest, flannels are an amazing investment. They come in many different colors and patterns, they come in both short and long sleeve, they can be paired with pretty much anything and they are perfect for the colder months when you need something a little thicker to keep you warm. Men’s high top sneakers make the perfect partner for flannels as they balance out the bulkiness of the shirt without making you look unkempt. It’s all about finding the right style of chunky shoe to pair with your flannel.

Try Matching Shoe Colors

This is a great way to add some variety to your chunky shoe collection. Instead of just going for black or brown, why not throw in a little bit of color? Men’s high top sneakers come in many different colors, from white, red, blue, green and pink. So you can pick and choose whichever one you think would go best with your outfit. It’s important to note that although you might want to match the color of your shoes with a certain item of clothing, you shouldn’t go out and buy the same color chunky shoes as you have plenty of other options. Instead, you should experiment with different colors of men’s chunky shoes and try matching them with different items in your wardrobe. This way, you’re not limiting yourself and you can experiment with as many different colors as you like. For example, white sneakers for men are a great addition to your wardrobe because they can be easily matched with many different outfits; however, having sneakers in red or blue can come in handy when wearing for different occasions.

Go For Dark Denim

Denim on denim is a trend that never seems to go away. Whether it’s the perfect blue jeans, or a pair of dark wash jeans, denim on denim is a great way to infuse some chunky shoes into your outfit and make a statement. To make it stand out, you want to go for a darker denim that contrasts against the lighter shade of your chunky shoes. This way, it will be the first thing to really catch the eye and make a statement.

How To Wear Chunky Shoes: The Best Ways to Style Your Footwear - shoe color, footwear, flannel, fashion, chunky shoes

Try Layering

Chunky shoes can be paired with many different types of clothing, but one of the easiest ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe is to layer them. You can simply chuck on a pair of jeans, a flannel and a sweater and then throw a pair of chunky sneakers on. Alternatively, you can be a little bit more daring and try layering with a pair of chino pants, a shirt and a chunky cardigan. Whatever item of clothing you decide to layer with your chunky shoes, make sure it has enough weight to it. For example, a lightweight sweater won’t do you any justice, whereas a chunky knit would be perfect.


Men’s chunky shoes are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They’re practical, comfortable and there are plenty of ways you can style them. From layering them with thicker knitwear, sporting them with a flannel shirt or maybe even wearing them with a slim-fitting leather jacket, there are numerous ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Whether they’re a pair of chunky sneakers, high top sneakers or even a pair of chunky boots, there is a way to make chunky shoes work for you.