Wear, rubbing, and loose, self-sustaining threads He starts to cry when you finally seem to have discovered the ideal jean—the ones you never take off. The regrets for not knowing how to care for them and keep them prepared to follow.

Have I overwashed them and caused the fabric hole as a result? Because I used too much detergent, would they now be clean? Are these one of the questions you keep asking yourself?
Here is some advice on how to maintain your house to extend the functional life of this fantastic buddy in our closet.

How often do you have to wash jeans?


First and foremost, remember that denim or jean fabric doesn’t get along particularly well with washing machines. Because it tends to lose color easily, it is not advised to wash it too regularly. Even the jeans you wear a few days a week should only be washed occasionally; once or twice a month is ideal.

Tips for washing your jeans in the washing machine


If you’re going to wash your jeans in a machine when the time comes, make a note of the following advice to get better results:

Prior to washing:

  • Make sure there is nothing that could damage the fabric of your jeans by emptying the pockets and checking for paper or ink. Close the buttons and zippers. To stop the creases from fading, turn the jeans inside out.
  • The greater the risk of damage from deformation or impact with the washing machine drum, the looser they are. While packing, make sure you provide space for the garments to breathe.
  • Since the new fabric has a tendency to fade, it is best to wash it alone if it is the first time.

During the washing process:

  • It only takes a teaspoon of detergent and some cold water. If you don’t want to wash them in cold water and want to wash them with other garments, you can also wash them in water that is no hotter than 30 degrees.
  • Plan a brief wash cycle. Since spinning often causes pants to warp and wrinkle, use a light spin or stay away from it if you can.
  • As soon as the wash cycle is complete, remove them from the washing machine to avoid having them absorb moisture and an unpleasant scent.

How do you hand-wash jeans?

The best tip for keeping your jeans for a long time is to hand wash them, even though we are aware that this can be lazy. Some suggestions

  • It’s crucial to flip the jean inside out before washing them, just like with the washing machine.
    Put plenty of cold water in a sink, add soap, and submerge the jean. Rub vigorously and firmly on any places that have visible food or drink stains.
  • When you notice that it is prepared, give it a thorough rinsing in a lot of cold water. To prevent the fabric from being damaged, try to avoid twisting the jeans as you do it.
  • Extend them away from the sun’s direct rays.

Your pants are already prepared!