Chances are that we have all had this problem at least once.

A clogged commode in danger of overflowing and very little time to act before you have a smelly, disgusting mess to clean up after.

So, what do you do to remedy this problem? How can I unclog this toilet post-haste?

Before you call in the experts *wink wink*, here are some quick tips to save time (and your sanity!)

How to Unclog a Toilet Fast in San Francisco - unclog, toilet, San Francisco, bathroom

Pick Your Plunging Tool (Like a Auger)

Before you can effectively unclog the porcelain throne, you need the right equipment. You have a few options to choose from, some of which are hiding underneath your kitchen sink, but your main go-tos are going to be either a funnel cup plunger or an auger.

For minor to moderate clogs, go with the plunger. For your tougher-than-nails clogs, we recommend an auger (a cable-like device that you snake through the exit hole.)

Technique Matters

Now, how you utilize your weapon of choice matters just as much as…well…your weapon of choice.

For plungers, it’s a good idea to soften the rubber first so that you can get a better seal around the exit hole. Do this by warming the rubber end with hot water.

Another quick tip. Fill the bowl with some hot water before reaching for the plunger.


Because, more than likely, this will help break up the clog because of the heat. You can also add dish detergent which is also just as good to break up that clog.

When using the plunger, you want to make sure you get a good seal around the hole (otherwise you won’t get much accomplished.) When plunging, make sure that you get some quality pushes and pulls in to free the clog. If the toilet overflows again, close the flapper and repeat.

For those especially difficult clogs, use an auger. Snake one end of the auger down the drain and either push the clog or hook onto it and pull it out. Discard the clog and plunge to finish unclogging the toilet.

Stop That Overflowing QUICK!

Finished answering the call of nature but, holy smokes, that water is rising up incredibly fast?

Easy, just close the flapper. The flapper is located in the tank and has the duty (hah!) of moving water from the tank into the bowl.

If you close the flapper, then no more water will overtake the bowl.

Pro Tip: Remove the lid of the tank so you can do this quickly should you see that the water levels are rising.

Contact a Plumber in Frisco

Tried all of our tips and still have a clogged toilet? Better yet, is there water coming from the sink or shower (which could mean a clogged water line?)

Then it might be time to call in the experts—choose a plumber in Frisco who is reliable, affordable, and isn’t afraid to tackle even the most heinous of plumbing disasters.