Winter is both magical, but also very difficult. Sometimes on morale, but mostly on clothes… and boots. It seems like the magic of this season is slowly fading once Christmas is over. The snow seems less white to us. The sun is less present. In short, everything loses its shine, isn’t it? Never mind, it won’t happen. In addition, you will have the most beautiful boots to show off and liven up in this cold season.

How to counter calcium hardness on your precious purchase? Here are our tips.


Buy a protector

Good protection is the basis. This product is not here to add to your bill total. It is more of an investment. Buy the right protector for the material of your boots (leather, suede, etc.) and combine it with regular maintenance. This will prolong the life of your pair of boots and allow them to do their job. Attention, it is important to ask if these shoes have already been treated. If necessary, it must be ensured that adding a protective product will not destroy the basic protection.

Maintain them regularly

No, it doesn’t stop at just one session. Weekly maintenance of about 15 minutes will allow your boots to not only last the whole season, but many years. Before you even wear them for the first time, make sure you complete the necessary steps to protect them. Getting into the habit of doing this may take time, but it’s worth all the time invested in it.

Get some shoe trees


These are not a luxury! They allow your boots, especially in the case of leather ones, to retain their shape as well as absorb moisture and control odour. Who likes smelly shoes anyway? It is recommended to insert the shoe tree every day for the best results. If not, do it at least at the end of the season to find them in good shape next winter.

Pass a small wipe

It may seem trivial, but running a damp cloth over your boots when you get home will save their look. By washing, you remove the calcium that accumulates on your boots when you walk to prevent the formation of dark circles. Calcium is easily removed when wet. Once dried, it’s a different story. Don’t take that risk.

Don’t forget the end of the season

When winter is behind you, yes it will be, take a moment to clean your pair of boots and then add a layer of protector before putting them away. This long break will allow them to take it easy, rehydrate (in the case of leather shoes) and be ready for the next season.