Many people will opt to keep their mattresses in a self-storage facility while they are planning to move to another home.

Family members may also move in, necessitating the use of a spare or old bedroom, which may require a self-storage facility in order to bring in new furniture, appliances, and bed items.

Others may simply need a storage unit in order to store furniture and other items that they rarely use in order to make their home more spacious.

Whatever the reason may be, improper mattress storage can cause very serious problems. The mattress may become soiled or badly damaged, rendering it useless.

Bacteria may form, and cockroaches, bed bugs, and dust mites may choose to move in and live in your old mattress, which can lead to very serious health problems.

Here, our focus will be on how to properly store your mattress in a self-storage unit.

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Self-Storage Mattress Preparation

You first need to measure the size of your mattress.The height, width, and length will need to be carefully calculated in order to ensure that it will easily fit  into your self-storage unit.

There are many sizes to choose from, including small, medium, and large, so you also need to consider the total dimensions of your self-storage unit. When you store your mattress it should be stored flat in the unit.

As such, the unit’s dimensions should be 1 square foot wider than the mattress, at the bare minimum. Next, you will need to clean your mattress. Remove the bedding and then apply some upholstery cleaner on it.

It may take a few hours for the mattress to dry completely. The bed’s sides, bottom, and top will need to be thoroughly vacuumed. If you notice any stains on your mattress, you should apply some stain remover and a sturdy rag.

Please do not soak or rub stains. Instead, you should blot the stains to spot-clean them effectively.

Next, allow your mattress to air-dry before you sprinkle some baking soda over it. Allow the baking soda to sit for an hour or two before deodorizing it by going over it with your vacuum again.

Finally, flip over the mattress and repeat the steps above. Next, you will need to place it in a mattress bag. The plastic that you use should be breathable and light. Next, secure your mattress in place by using a mattress cover or some durable duct tape.

We would also suggest that you rent a moving truck. The moving truck you use should be covered and include a dolly.

Using a Self-Storage to Store a Mattress

We would suggest you use a climate-controlled unit, as your mattress will be protected against abnormal temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Once you are ready to bring it back home, you should air it out and follow the mattress preparation guide mentioned above before you sleep on it. Your storage unit in Richmond Hill will be available in the future should you need it.

How to Store a Wide Range of Mattresses

There are many storage units in Richmond Hill to choose from. Spring mattresses possess an internal structure that is reinforced. As a result, you can store a spring mattress on its side, but only for a few hours.

They are also more vulnerable to damage than other mattress types, so avoid placing anything on top of them. Do not use upholstery cleaner on memory foam mattresses, as it will not come out of the foam.

Memory foam mattresses are also very flexible, so you should never store them on the side, as doing so will cause the item to remain in a permanently bent position. As for hybrid mattresses, you will need to rotate them now to maintain their figure and shape.

This is because they contain both foam and coil, so rotate them once every 2 to 3 months to prevent the coils from wearing out, even if you have it in storage. You should also not use upholstery cleaner on them either.

As for a mattress topper, it should be properly cleaned and dried before it is rolled up. Do not fold the clincher, as doing so will damage the highly delicate material. Once rolled, place it in a vacuum-sealed bag.

Sleep Matters

By properly cleaning, drying, storing, and maintaining your mattress, you will maintain its quality and increase its lifespan.

A mattress protector should be considered to increase security and cleanliness levels while your mattress is in a storage unit in Richmond Hill. The last thing you want is mould, dust, and pests contaminating your mattress.