Are you finally going ahead with that basement renovation project you’ve always dreamed about? If so, you should know that while finishing a basement can be an expensive and sometimes time-consuming endeavour, the return on investment is huge. Not to mention that having a finished basement means an entire extra floor to your house where you can entertain guests, enjoy a home theatre or bar, and so much more. The opportunities that a finished basement can provide are endless.

5 Creative Design Tips for Small Basement Renovations - traditional, Storage, Space, renovation, home decor, flooring, ceiling, basement, arches

For your small basement renovation project, here are five design tips and tricks to help you!

1. Extra space can be turned into an additional bedroom

If you are pressed for space in the other parts of your house or often have guests visiting, the extra space that a finished basement can allot may be turned into an additional bedroom(s). Having your small basement turned into a bedroom can mean privacy and cosiness for guests or family members that they might not otherwise have staying on your living room couch.

If your basement is too small for an entire bedroom, you can still create a sleeping space by building an niche with a bed built-in. The options here are endless and the finished product can boost the value of your home by a significant amount.

2. Opt for creative flooring over the traditional

Depending on the “look” that you’re going for with your small basement renovation, consider what flooring you’ll want to install. Do you want a cozy space with carpeting? Or do you want to change things up and decorate the space with multiple different types of flooring? Ceramic tile can give your finished small basement a more modern look, where vinyl plank is inexpensive and sophisticated.

3. Consider a drop ceiling for optimal room temperature

Drop ceilings are great for a number of things, including moderating the temperature of your basement, disguising bits and pieces of wiring and pipes, and can help for soundproofing your space. Drop ceilings are relatively easy to install and be a great addition to your finished small basement.

4. Arches can create a distinct look for your finished space

If you have the room to do so, arches can be a stylish addition to your small basement renovation. Not only do they look great and add a fashionable flair, but they can separate your different spaces in a more aesthetically appealing way. Drywall arches can be easy to install in existing doorways.

5. Include an adequate amount of basement storage

Many unfinished basements are solely dedicated to the function of storage. However, a finished basement can still serve this purpose too! You can include cabinets and shelves for a more appealing means of storing your books, collectibles and family memories.

In summary

Your small basement is a space with so much unmarked potential. A finished basement can add value to your house and make it more appealing to buyers. Get in touch with a real estate agent in your local area so that you know what buyers are looking for! For example, if you’re undergoing basement development in Calgary, you might want to be informed about what is most sought after in that city.

By employing these five creative design tips in your coming renovation project, you can make the most of that space and even boost the value of your home in the meantime.