When it comes to Flat screens, every person has different preferences. Some like to wall mount a TV, whereas many people want to place the TV on the console.

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Mounting a TV to a stand is also a popular option. An LCD or a flat-screen TV attached to its mount offers much more flexibility. You can even move your screen ultimately.

Stand Mount

Stand mount is the easiest way of positioning your TV on a flat surface. The majority of the TVs come with a standing mount or a base stand.

Stand mount holds the TV in a straight position. If you are mounting your TV to a stand, you can even turn the screen.

Different types of mounts

Wall TV mounts are of different sizes and types. Whether you want to attach your TV to a wall or if you want to place it on the stand, you will get a variety of mounts. Let’s explore the kinds of mount you can get for your TV.

Full-motion mount

The full-motion mount is the most happening mount available in the world of TV mounts. Yes, we are not exaggerating. This is indeed the most preferred mount used in large rooms, conference areas, and hotels. It allows you to position your TV as per your seating. The extending arm enables you to set the TV as per the viewer. It’s also the best for mounting TV at the corner.


A flat mount is a primary type of wall mount, an attachment that comes with most TVs. This unit does not take a lot of space on the wall. However, a flat mount does not allow any flexibility or movement. It is easy to install and a secure way of mounting a TV to a stand.

Hook mount

Hook mount is more like an advanced version of flat-mount. This unit allows you to remove the TV from the mount without any difficulty. Hook mount also helps in cleaning without any problem.

Tilt mount

Tilt mount allows the user to tilt the TV in both ways. You can adjust the angle as per your viewing position. A tilt mount is preferable for the smaller TV’s and LCD’s

Mounting a TV to a stand

Before you start with the process, you will need the following essentials present at the moment.

  • A measuring tape
  • Mounting bracket
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling machine

The right position

Before you start drilling or measuring the bracket, you need to decide the position of the TV.

If you are doing this for the first time, we recommend you get a template of your TV and understand the positioning. Once you decide, you can mark the area—an accurate mounting of a TV to a stand.

Fix the mount to the wall

The TV bracket is a bit confusing. But, you only need to focus on two parts—the wall mount and the other parts that fit onto your TV directly.

Take out the screws from the TV packaging and save them for later use. Place the TV mount on the wall, where you initially decided to position your TV and mark it once again.

Tip: Using a stud detector, check; whether your wall is safe to use or not.

Drill holes in the wall and insert the rawl plugs. Take the bracket and place it over the holes. Now, attach the bracket with the screws and tighten them properly. Make sure that the screws are tight, or else your TV will lay flat on the floor.

Attaching the TV bracket

The most basic part is to lay down your TV on the floor and check the mounting holes. Check the tightness of the screws and firmly attach the TV to the mount.

You can connect everything after putting up your TV, but—connect everything beforehand to avoid any mishaps. You will need somebody’s help while lifting the TV. Secure the main part and the bracket with a screwdriver.

And you are done! Enjoy your favorite shows.