One of the biggest obstacles that people seem to think they would face as a van lifer is making money. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people tied to this idea that you have to work a 9 to 5 job to do alright in life. While they may have to if they want to maintain the lifestyle they have in a big house in an expensive suburb, that is not true at all for the van life.

How To Make Money While Living The Van Life - Work, van life, seasonal work, make and sell crafts, camper

Your expenses are so low when you hit the road in your van or camper that you can do just about any type of work and get by just fine. In fact, that is what this article is about. In it you will find some tips on how to fund your van lifestyle.

1. Make and sell crafts

When you live the van life, there is a lot of downtime. Which is mostly the point of doing it. To have time that’s your own instead of being on the clock for other people all the time.

Many people use this time to work on a hobby. The nice thing about that is that some of these hobbies can pay. For instance, if you love to sew and create things like kid’s clothes or stuffed animals and other crafts, then you can get a portable sewing machine from and sell your creations.

You can time your travel destinations to arrive when there is a flea market in an area and set up a stall there. Or, even better since it gives you more freedom, you can sell your creations on Etsy or your own website.

2. Start a blog

Admittedly, this was a lot easier to make money with before everybody doing the van lifestyle started blogging about their adventures. But, if you have a good social media presence, Youtube channel, lots of determination, and are looking for ways to supplement your income further, consider exploring opportunities like starting a blog about your experiences living out of your van and even promoting products or services related to the van life. Additionally, you may want to consider opening a no deposit savings account to manage your earnings wisely and save for future adventures or unexpected expenses. With a well-thought-out approach and perseverance, you can turn your van life journey into a profitable and fulfilling venture.

There are two keys to making money with a blog. One is that you have to offer helpful information and not just talk about your own experiences. People want to know the details and what to expect if they dive in. Answer their questions and you will get traffic to your blog.

The second key is to have something to sell. Ad money won’t likely be enough to live off of so having an ebook to sell from your blog will help you make money. You can even send people to products and services online and make money with affiliate marketing.

3. Do seasonal work

Since you are mobile, you can go where the work is and do jobs that don’t require you to be there long term. For instance, you can work in restaurants and follow the seasons. In the winter, work in a ski resort restaurant and in the summer, hit the beach areas. Then when you have your days off you can enjoy the area like a tourist, too.

Even picking vegetables, though backbreaking, can also pay the bills if you are having trouble finding other work.