The pandemic is here to stay and the best time to engage yourself would be now. And the best way to do that is by learning something new and exciting. The creative industry is evergreen and there is no dearth in the requirement of designers. We always have creative ideas that may not match with the other. With the current scenario, online learning and distance learning is booming and are here to stay. The most sought-after course and easy to learn is an interior design course. To anyone who inclines creativity, this one course will help you sharpen your ideas and also help you design your home and others too. The courses can be studied online at the comfort of your home or the home office that you have set up recently due to the work-from-home scenario. So, grab this opportunity and choose any of the following free courses available just in one click.

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Alison offers a Diploma in Interior design course that provides an overview of the interior design discipline. The course is free and can be taken at any time of the year making it suitable for working professionals to take them too. It is a short duration course that has over 72,000 students that have enrolled and the program is running successfully. It also gives you a CPD accreditation. As the course offers a diploma, your clients also will be happy to see that they are working with trained professionals. The course talks about colours, surfaces, textures, and add-ons. It also highlights the use of different kinds of furniture that can be used in the space design, the design principles, and the factors that a designer has to keep in mind while designing a space.

Free course on Interior Design at Home Design Institute Paris

To unlock your hidden design talent, click on this. You would have always dreamt of designing your home on your own, and Home Design institute, Paris is here to offer you a free course on interior design that covers the fundamentals of design, color theory, and space planning, all spread out neatly on zoom. This is a synchronous course where you will have the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds who are inclined towards taking this creative course. The course also discusses the materials that can be used in different styles of interiors and their advantages. This will allow you to gain credits and apply this knowledge to the field. The course is taught by world-class lecturers who have great power for knowledge transfer.

Interior Design at Century College (Century College)

An NKBA accredited program that takes you directly into the field of kitchen and bath design, the two most technical spaces inside your home. The courses offered by Century college are both on-campus and online, where the online courses are widely chosen by students. The course offers a certificate (30 credits) at the end of the program that allows you to venture into the field with confidence. Course content includes hand drafting techniques emphasizing the presentation standards, computer-aided drafting necessary to understand the technical aspects, basics of kitchen and bath design, materials, estimation, lighting, and their applications in the kitchen and bath. It also offers opportunities for an internship within a kitchen/bath studio firm.

Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space (Skillshare)

A home is a harmonious space and the one that is well designed speaks volumes of its users. Space that is designed has a certain warmth to it, be of any style. The basics of interior design offered by skillshare talk about the power of interior design, colour theory, balance, scale and proportion, rhythm and repetition, understanding and finding the right design style for your home design, and gives space for hands-on design projects with the help of the tutor. The USP of this course is that it offers printable reference guides, and has lifetime access to the data from the course. The program is taught by two interior designers with their best skillsets to reach an online audience.

Best Interior Design Courses (Udemy)

An online learning platform offering various courses in design also offers a short-term course in interior design. This course is self-paced allowing you to take it at your convenience. Having a clutter-free space is very important for one’s growth and this course will allow you to experience tranquillity by working hands-on on the design projects. Choosing the right colours and patterns leading to a harmonious space design is one of the keys of this course. Learning the basic techniques with the various design tools available, to transform your home is a gift in itself. The classes solidify the foundation in interior design and with the help of assignments and continuous assessments by the tutors, it is a way to bring your vision to life. The course has downloadable resources and full-time access to the knowledge that can be referred to whenever you need it.

To expand your knowledge on interior design, click on any of the courses above that suit your liking and start the learning process. Online classes are a boon in today’s time as it allows the data available to each one of us, which can be accessed remotely. It also allows us to connect and network remotely with people across the globe.

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