With no end in sight to the limits on movement resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, many can no longer wait for the towns and cities to open up for getaways at hotels, resorts, and other public venues, and have decided to treat themselves to splendid vacation experiences right under their roof. With an epic staycation, you can enjoy memorable adventures and Insta-worthy moments without spending nearly as much as you’d spend on a vacation, while also avoiding the stress of traveling.

In this piece, we’ve put together a rundown of some thrilling staycation ideas. These ideas will significantly up your chances of creating a memorable experience for everyone at home without blowing a hole in your finances.

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Setting Up the Home for your Staycation

The starting point of your staycation plan should be your budget. Now, even if you won’t spend as much as you would for an equivalent experience outdoors when vacationing indoors, you still need to fix a budget and spend it prudently. Make sure that the things you spend money on will make a huge impact.

First, try covering a few luxurious things you’d want to have for your staycation, and then spread what’s left of the budget on other miscellaneous items. For instance, you can bring the look and feel of a luxurious hotel room closer to home by swapping out your regular bed-sheets for high-thread-count sheets usually found in luxury hotels, and setting up a good diffuser with exquisite aromatherapy oils like lavender and eucalyptus.

You can also splash money to spruce up your backyard. With simple backyard enhancements like a water fountain, cheap tea lights and designer lights, shades, and grill area, you can easily turn your backyard into an adventure hub. A well-designed gazebo or pergola can take the functionalities and aesthetics of your backyard to a whole new level.

Some Ideas for a Remarkable Staycation

If you’ve been living all on your own or with family or friends, a premium home service and housecleaner should be on top of your luxury items list. For the first time in probably as long as you can remember, you should have someone waiting on you in the morning to serve you breakfast on a platter, change your sheets, and do all your regular chores.

Ideally, you should have the housecleaners clean the house thoroughly ahead of the staycation. You should also hire someone to work on your exterior and curb appeal, especially if your landscape or lawn has been overrun by verdure. You can also hire a chef or use meal planning and delivery services.

If you have kids, you need to plan for them too. Ideally, you should send them off to a camp. But if you can’t afford that, then you need to plan for fun activities that’ll engage them while you go off on your own adventure.

And speaking about going off on your own, you need to make plans to go off the grid during the staycation. You need to ready yourself to let time fly by without any interruptions during the staycation. Turn off your social media notifications, delete your email box, and sign out from any app or platform that puts you in direct contact with the outside world.

Finally, you should plan for unique activities that’ll give your staycation a unique spin. Plan visits to tourist attractions and recreational centers around your location, engage in unusual exercise regimes, or see a movie at a drive-in.

Want more splendid staycation ideas? We can help you plan and execute a cost-effective yet unforgettable staycation. Reach out to us today.