Packing up an entire household to move can be a stressful and exhausting job. One of the best ways to lighten the load physically and emotionally is to do a thorough purge of everything that you no longer need. It can be tough to know what to get rid of and what to keep before you move, so giving careful consideration to each item should be a priority.

If you have the time, starting a household purge of unnecessary items a few months before you have to start your physical move can give you lots of time to liquidate, sell and toss items that you don’t want to take with you. Whether you are making a cross country move out to the shores of California or just simply moving across the state, taking only what you need can make your trip and unpacking a lot easier and faster.

Movers in San Francisco, CA like the pros at or anywhere else in the U.S. will come with a lighter bill if you end up having less to move. If you follow the rule of minimalism that says unless an item is useful on a regular basis or brings you joy, it can go is one way to start your purge process. Follow a few of our helpful tips to make your purge more efficient before you move.

How To Efficiently Purge Before You Move - purge, moe, magazines, furniture, closets, books, appliances


The best place to start your purge is in your closets. Most of us hang on to so many clothes that we don’t use or need anymore. You can start lightening your load by going through each item in your closet and deciding if it is something that you will need or use after your move.

Items that no longer fit, have gone out of style or are worn damaged are the kind of things that you can start with. Clothing pieces that are in good condition can be taken to a consignment shop to make a bit of money or donated to others in need. For items that are older and not suitable for donation or sale, you can just toss them out.

Before you part with anything in your closet, you should consider items that you may need in the climate of your new home. Will you need to keep your winter sweaters or are you going to be wearing more of a summer wardrobe in your new home?


When you buy your new home it may already come with several appliances. Or you can save yourself the trouble of moving with them by buying new ones once you’ve moved. So, what do you do with your existing appliances? Well, you can sell them online or to a used appliance shop. Or, you can price them to sell in a garage sale.

If any of your appliances are older or not in great working shape you may want to consider getting rid of them before your move and buying new items for your new home. Talk to donation organizations about what kinds of items they will take and what the condition must be before you drop them off.

Books & Magazines

It doesn’t take long for your bookshelves and magazine racks to get full. Imagine the number of books and magazines you can accumulate after so many years in the same house. For readers and book lovers, it can be nearly impossible to imagine parting with your collection.

Consider though, how much space you will have in your new home and whether it is worth the cost of moving them before you start packing them up. Books are heavy, and some moving companies will be charging you based on the weight of your load.

There are many places including hospitals, clinics, and shelters that would be happy to take some of your gently used books and magazines. You can always keep the classics and favorites that you just can’t part with, but try to limit the number of issues that you take with you.


You likely have a layout of your new home already in mind and it will be up to you to decide what pieces of furniture will fit properly in the new scheme. If you have some older or damaged furniture it may be best to leave them behind.

For lightly used sofas, mattresses and bureaus you may have luck at selling them for a small profit. You can even donate some furniture to charity if it is in decent shape to families that are in need.


It can be tough to part with many of your possessions. We often attach an unrealistic level of importance to our material things. If you are planning a move, try to focus on the fresh start that is ahead of you and purge your home of unneeded, unused or unnecessary items before you make your move.