Choosing the right floor can be difficult. Each different type of flooring on offer has its advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, any chosen flooring will look great, especially when it is first laid. However, there is a big difference in the way that flooring ages, depending on where it has been put.

Naturally, any type of flooring can be enhanced with a good-quality rug. In fact, if you take a look at these stunning peach rugs from you’ll quickly start to wonder if you need a floor at all, a quality rug can be the perfect option.

How To Decide Between Wood, Tile, And Carpet - wood, rug, home decor, floor, carpet

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose, there is a rug that goes with every type of flooring. All you have to do is choose the right flooring first.

Use Of The Space

The first consideration is what is the space used for. For example, a hallway experiences a high volume of traffic. That means it needs something durable. But, it also is the point where people will step in from outside. That means they will have dirt and debris on the bottom of their feet. If they don’t remove their shoes, all that dirt and debris will be trodden into the floor, potentially damaging it.

For this reason, wood or tile is better for hallways. Of the two, tile is the better choice and it is harder to damage and can handle moisture better than wood.

Head into the kitchen or bathroom and you may find that wood is the better choice. The traffic volume is medium and wood offers enough water resistance to be okay for short periods.

Equally, rooms that aren’t used much, such as bedrooms; will often benefit from carpets as they are soft and warm underfoot, helping to make the room feel cosy.

Moisture Levels

The moisture level is important. Tiles can get wet and will become slippery but the moisture won’t damage the tiles. That makes them perfect for wet areas of your home.

Wood is less comfortable with moisture, it will expand and contract with moisture and heat, potentially causing issues for your floor.

Carpet is the worst choice for moist areas of your home as it will absorb the moisture, can take ages to dry, and is likely to create mold. That will need to be treated as it can be bad for your health.


You should also consider whether you have pets. Pets discard fur and dead skin cells, it is known as pet dander. This can accumulate in the carpet and create a variety of issues. In addition, the carpet piles are the perfect place for creatures to hide, such as fleas which can then lay their eggs.

In most cases, if you have pets, it is best to avoid carpets.

As mentioned, instead, choose a hard floor that is easy to clean and add a nice rug or two. This helps to create the desired effect in any space but still ensures your floors are suited for the purpose and will last.