There are a variety of reasons to take on a side hustle. Maybe your hours are being cut at work and you need to supplement your income, or perhaps your car needed a ton of work including four new pricey tires. Or maybe you are not wild about your current career, so you want to try moonlighting at some new-to-you side gigs to see if any of them might blossom into full time work.

How to Choose the Best Side Hustle For You - skills, scam, oney, hustle, hobby, extra, choose

Regardless of why you want to have a side gig, the extra work should be something that is a good fit for you, your values and your life. Time is precious, so you don’t want to spend it on a part-time job that makes you unhappy.

In order to find the best side hustle for you, as well as what to look for and what to avoid, consider the following tips:

Make Sure It’s Not a Scam

The last thing you want to do is put your heart and soul into a side gig that turns out to be a big steaming pile of scam. In order to avoid this, do plenty of research ahead of time to be sure the company is legitimate. Pyramid schemes are a form of financial fraud that is based on recruiting new people to make investments in the company, which are then used to pay the folks who joined the company earlier. If the manager of the company explains that this is how you will be paid, run for the proverbial hills. On the flip side, remember that some companies may be falsely accused. For example, many have asked if Amway is a scam or not. To combat these myths, the direct sales company has taken to educating the public about how its business model works, and how it differs from a pyramid scheme. Only after enough research will you be able to determine the legitimacy of an opportunity and know if it’s the right one for you.

Choose Something that Complements Your Skills

One reason that side gigs don’t always work out is that people pick something that doesn’t mesh with their existing set of skills. For instance, you could probably easily sign up as a driver with a ride sharing service, but if you are on the shy side and loathe the idea of having people you don’t know in your car, you will end up feeling stressed out and dreading the work. Instead, start by making a list of your strengths and skills as well as what you don’t enjoy doing and go from there. This will help you to focus on side hustles that match your personality and experience.

View Your Side Gig as a Fun Hobby

When weighing your side gig options, try to choose something that you truly want to do. Think of it as “me time” rather than some drudge work that you are enduring until your Visa is paid off. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your time working at your second job, but it will help you to feel more accomplished and take pride in your work. This point is especially true if you are using your side hustle as a way to test the waters for a new career. If you love to write and hope to do it full time one day, taking on some freelance projects will allow you to earn money on the side doing something you like, as well as see first-hand if this type of work is something you want to pursue.

Enjoy Your New Side Hustle and the Extra Money Too

Life is too short to take on even the most part time of side hustles that is not a good fit. Before committing to the gig, conduct extensive research to see what you are getting into, choose something that you can do as well as something you will enjoy. This way, earning extra cash on the side will be a positive experience, not one that leaves you feeling drained and miserable.