The vast majority of people involved in the hotel business are faced with the problem of the correct furnishing of rooms. After all, it is very important that the furniture is comfortable and functional, its appearance, upholstery color, and dimensions should be combined with the interior and not fall out of the general style. You should also consider fashion trends.

How To Choose Furniture For A Hotel? - sturdiness, requrements, quality, hotel rooms, furniture, fittings, class

Due to the specifics of the process, hotel furniture differs from ordinary home furniture. Hotel furniture must be durable, furnishings must be particularly reliable, and the lacquer coating of surfaces must withstand everyday wiping. We must not forget about the environmental friendliness of furniture and all materials from which it is made should be hypoallergenic. Furniture must meet all technical requirements and be easy to repair.

Furniture sets differ in their configuration, depending on the star rating of the hotel and the class of the room. The furniture of an ordinary room should include the pieces of furniture necessary to create a normal living space: the room should have beds, nightstands, armchairs, writing and coffee table, a wardrobe. The size of the rooms does not always allow accommodating all the necessary furniture, in which case you can use hanging shelves and small folding chairs, but this significantly reduces the comfort of the room.

Regardless of the class of the room, the furniture must comply with all requirements and be safe. In the suites, as a rule, besides one or several bedrooms, there are other rooms – living room, dining room, and various others. Therefore, the furniture sets for such rooms are quite large.

How To Choose Furniture For A Hotel? - sturdiness, requrements, quality, hotel rooms, furniture, fittings, class

One of the main requirements is that the furniture must match the style of the entire hotel. Furniture should be as comfortable as possible and of high quality and match the color of the walls, carpets, and curtains. The most popular styles for such rooms are baroque, empire, high-tech, and modern, depending on the concept of the hotel. Country style is quite appropriate in country hotels. If you are a hotelier and decide to independently choose furniture for your hotel, please note the following:

  • the sturdiness of furniture;
  • you can think about buying online furniture because online shops provide wider choice. New York Furniture Outlets is one of the few shops that showcase not only style but also quality.
  • quality of fittings; take your time and open-close your desk drawer at least 50 times;
  • soft parts of furniture should be elastic and keep their shape well;
  • wrinkles and bumps on the upholstery fabric are unacceptable, the pattern should be symmetrical;
  • very important is the strength and durability of the upholstery fabric, resistance to fading. It is important that the upholstery fabric can be chemically and manually cleaned, without fear of damage when interacting with chemicals;
  • all fixations must be of high quality and not have even the slightest defects, for example, nails that are not completely hammered;
  • all parts that must be especially wear-resistant are covered with a special protective compound, the lacquer coating must withstand constant rubbing and polishing;
  • require a certificate of environmental safety of all materials from which the furniture is made;
  • order additional cuts of upholstery fabrics from your supplier for minor repairs;
  • the manufacturing factory must have a large assortment of upholstery fabrics for rooms of various classes;
  • currently, large TV stands are not relevant, it is better to be hung on the wall, saving space;
  • it is great if the manufacturing factory has a service department for the repair and restoration of its products.
  • The best manufacturers of hotel furniture are Italian and Swedish factories, but domestic manufacturers can also offer you high-quality and comfortable furniture.