Fashion and style are important to so many people, but you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and function to look great. In fact, when someone looks uncomfortable, it isn’t very fashionable. Style includes looking like you are in your element. So much of it has to do with how you present yourself. The three go together. Whether you are only really concerned with being stylish or comfort reigns supreme, below are some ways to combine style, comfort, and function.

How To Be Stylish, Comfortable, and Functional - Sunglasses, Stylish, Shorts, hats, fashion, Dresses, comfortable

Wear Comfortable Shoes

So much of your comfort has to do with what you wear on your feet. If you aren’t comfortable wearing your shoes, the rest of your body won’t be. Beyond anything, footwear should have utility. Shoes should last a while, and you should have multiple pairs to make sure that they last. Comfortable shoes can be the most stylish of all. Whether you are looking for business casual shoes, great sneakers, dress footwear, or boots, there is no reason that your footwear shouldn’t be comfortable, stylish, and functional.

Dress in Layers

Depending on the time of year, one way to look good and feel great is to dress in layers. These layers can be light and airy, but they don’t have to look bad. Light clothing doesn’t mean that it is cheap. Sometimes the lightest clothes are the best ones. You can bring a few layers with you and take them off as you see fit. Whether it’s winter or you are unsure how cold a spring evening will be, dressing in layers offers style, utility, and comfort. You can always take that jacket off or put it back on.

Go For Dresses or Shorts

Sometimes we all need air between our knees. On a hot day, a dress or a pair of shorts can be the best option. Whether you are going on vacation, or are just taking a walk around the park, dresses and shorts can get the job done. It’s easy to imagine dresses being fashionable, but shorts get a bad rap. Shorts don’t have to be dorky. In fact, they can be chic. Depending on the time of year, day, and activity, putting on a pair of shorts can be the functional move that looks good. If they fit right, you will be very comfortable. Don’t overlook these options!


Hats are an accessory that can look great and keep you quite comfortable. Keeping the sun off your face and neck will make a huge difference. You won’t sweat as much, and your skin will be protected from its rays. While hats are never mandatory and sometimes prohibited from certain social gatherings, hats can really come in handy. They have utility and function. They offer style. They also keep you comfortable and provide a sense of protection that will really help you out when the sun is out. Protect your skin, your eyes, and look great while you do it.


A similar accessory to hats are sunglasses. Sunglasses are one of the most functional and stylish items out there. You can protect your eyes and if you get a pair with a prescription, you will be able to see more clearly. Not only will you be functional, but you will also be comfortable because you won’t have the sun in your eyes. Sunglasses are something you want to invest in. When you buy a great pair of sunglasses, you will be able to cover all the bases.

Being stylish, comfortable, and functional doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, you look better when you are comfortable. Utility matters. When you have function, you can better lean into style. Having your comfort and function covered, then you can accessorize and really accent what you are wearing.

Fashionable style doesn’t have to come at the expense of function and comfort. You have likely seen a lot of fashion that isn’t exactly functional. Utility is a suggestion in a lot of fashion, but if you are like most of us there is no need to compromise. You don’t have to put style over comfort. You can have it all. People notice when you are trying to both be functional and stylish. Your style is your own!